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'''MBH 219'''
'''MBH 219'''

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Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

MBH 219

Using Media Equipment

You can project from the desktop computer, laptop, project wirelessly from a Mac laptop using Apple TV, the document camera, and watch Blu-ray and DVDs, and VHS. You can also hook up extra pieces of media equipment like a laser disk player or camera etc.

Turn the System On

Press the Start icon to go to the home screen. There is a 60 second delay to allow the projector to warm up. During this warm up time, the projector cannot be used.


You can control the lights from the touch panel, on and off and there are three settings: full, medium, and video.

Screen Control

Press the Screen Control button then you can choose which screen you want to raise or lower.

Projecting from the Desktop computer

  • Press the PC icon at the top of the touch panel

Projecting from a Laptop

  • Press Laptop VGA or Laptop HDMI icon on the touch panel and connect the appropriate cable to your computer. If you have a Mac and you are using VGA, you will need an adapter.

Projecting from Apple TV

  • Press the Apple TV Mac icon on the touch panel
  • Click the AirPlay icon and choose MBH 220.
  • Enter the 4 digit code that appears on the projector screen.

Document Camera

  • Press Doc Cam at the top on the right of the touch panel.
  • Power on the Document Camera.
  • The Source button should be green for Presenter. You may need to turn the lights down in the room and turn the lamp on the Document Camera on.
  • If the image is too bright or too dark press the Auto White Balance (AWB) or F18 button.
  • If the image is out of focus, press the Tele or Wide buttons to zoom in or out, the camera will also auto focus.

Playing BluRay

  • Press the Blu-ray icon at the top of the touch panel
  • Power on the Blu-ray player and in insert your disc, you will have full control of the Blu-ray player from the touch panel.

Please remember to shut all equipment off. Touch the red Shut System Down button on the touch panel, and touch red System Off.

For troubleshooting tips go to go/troubleshoot

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