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MediaWiki is the software that is generating this page and is the software used to create the Wikipedia online encyclopedia. Just one of many wiki applications, MediaWiki excels when used to collaboratively create very large resources. MediaWiki offers a huge array of options and customization, but can sometimes be challenging for novice users. Read more about MediaWiki at Wikipedia.

MediaWiki At Middlebury

The installation of MediaWiki at Middlebury is currently administered by Joe Antonioli and Adam Franco. We are currently using version 1.10.0.

A list of all MediaWiki wikis on this server.

Using MediaWiki

Editing Pages

You must be logged in with your Middlebury Username and Password to edit pages in our instance of MediaWiki.

Use the EDIT tab at the top of the page to make large changes. Use the EDIT links on the right-hand side to make changes to sections.

Creating Wikis

Creating new wikis is not currently a self-service operation.

  1. Go to the wiki request form and log-in with your normal Middlebury username/password.
  2. In the description, please give the following information:
    • Desired title
    • Desired short-title that includes just letters, numbers, and "_" (underscores).
    • Visibility: Will this wiki be visible to the world or just a particular group? If restricted, to which groups?

If you have problems with the submission form, please contact Joe Antonioli with your new-wiki request.


While the look and feel of a MediaWiki wiki can be changed, its not quite as easy as with some other tools. Here is a list of existing skins that can be applied to a wiki.