MediaWiki Administration

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Installing MediaWiki on a new production host

1. (Option A) Copy the ssh public/private key pair from the old host to the new host:

scp /root/.ssh/id_* newhost:/root/.ssh/

1. (Option B) Create a new ssh key pair on the new host with ssh-keygen and add its public key to the gitosis configuration on chisel.

2. Clone the repository to /var/www/mediawiki/

cd /var/www/
git clone git@chisel.middlebury.edu:mediawiki.git
cd mediawiki
git submodule update --init

3. Find all of the image directories on the old host with:

find mediawiki/webroot/wikis -type d -name images

Then take that list and search/replace each line into an rsync command:

rsync -av --delete oldhost:/path/to/mediawiki/webroot/wikis/CCP/images/ /newpath/to/mediawiki/webroot/wikis/CCP/images/

Then run all of the rsync commands. Note: Adding the new host's public key to the old host's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2 file will allow you to run all of the rsync commands without entering your password many times.

4. Add the Apache virtual-host configuration to /etc/httpd/conf.d/vhost.conf. Restart Apache.