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This page outlines the unique elements in cataloging both microfilm and microfiche.

Fixed Fields


Type of record, etc. : Code all for original work (except "Form")


  • a microfilm
  • b microfiche

007 Physical Description Fixed Field

$a Category

  • h microform

$b Specific material desig.

  • d microfilm reel
  • e microfiche

$d Positive/negative

  • a positive (dark against light background)
  • b negative (light against dark background)
  • m mixed polarity (mixture of positive and negative)
  • u unknown

$e Dimensions

  • f 35 mm.
  • m 4 x 16 in. (microfiche)
  • o 6 x 9 in. (microfiche)

$f Reduction ratio range/Reduction ratio

  • u unknown

$g Color

  • b b & w
  • c multicolored
  • m mixed
  • u unknown
  • z other

$h Emulsion on film

  • u unknown

$i Generation

  • c service copy (public use; most library microform is service copy)
  • u unknown

$j Base of film

  • u unknown

Variable Fields

099 Local call number

  • $a film 868 [etc.] Microfilm only

To choose number, check shelflist cards for last film cataloged and also do call number search

  • $a fiche [no number] Microfiche only

050/090 LC call number

  • If 050 or 090 are present in record for either microfilm or microfiche

~Change to 050, 2nd indicator 4
~Add a after date
~Place after 099 in record

245 Title and statement of responsibility

  • $h [microform] (Use for both microfilm and microfiche)

260 Publication, etc.

Enter information from the original item

300 Physical description

Enter information from the original item

533 Reproduction note

  • $a Type of reproduction (Microfilm or Microfiche) [followed by period]
  • $b Place of reproduction [followed by colon]
  • $c Agency responsible for reproduction [followed by comma]
  • $d Date of reproduction [followed by period or dash]
  • $e Physical description of reproduction [followed by period]

Microfilm. $b Washington, D.C. : $c Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service, $d 1990. $e 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm.
Microfiche. $m 1961- $b Washington, D.C. : $c U.S. G.P.O., $d 1990- $e microfiches : negative.

539 Fixed-length data elements of reproduction note

  • $a Type of date
  • $b Date 1
  • $c Date 2
  • $d Place of publication
  • $e Frequency
  • $f regularity
  • $g form of item
  • a microfilm
  • b microfiche

s $b 1990 $d dcu $e n $g a
c $b 1961 $c 9999 $d dcu $e a $f r $g b

Holdings Information

Item location

  • mmafm Main library microfilm (not per.)
  • mmafc Main library microfiche (not per.)
  • mapfm Armstrong microfilm
  • mapfc Armstrong microfilm

Material code

  • 032 microfilm
  • 030 microfiche


  • Prefer year or span of years; otherwise, number of reels/fiche

Example (Midcat display):
1. film 868 -- 1924-1968 -- Microfilm -- Available
1. fiche -- 2 fiche -- Microfiche -- Available

Shelflist Card, etc.

Create shelflist card with following information:

  • Call number from 099 (fiche or film [number] )
  • Author (if present)
  • Title
  • number of reels/fiche
  • date

Number the microfilm boxes:

  • Use red ink
  • Use # symbol followed by number (e.g., #868)
  • Place number on left side of box label if possible

Alert Todd Sturtevant that film/fiche need to be shelved

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