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MS Word freeze-ups

Word freezes due to big files

I've seen this a couple of times. Word can become unstable when working with extremely large files with pictures, whether on Mac or PC. From what I hear, Word 2007 is more reliable with such documents.

Word freezes while opening

This may be due to a network printer, configured as default printer, not being detected.


Word freezes when you click the drop-down menu on the Save As... dialog

Word tries to scan all mapped drives in this dialog box. Chances are the computer has a mapped drive that isn't connected or can't be reached, and Word hangs while trying to connect to that drive. Go to My Computer and unmap any disconnected drives - but make sure the user has a way of getting back to them again. (Shortcut on desktop?) --Hunt, Christopher 21:40, 9 July 2008 (EDT)


Application compatibility

MS Office versions don't always line up perfectly. Even if it says "MS Office Pro 2003", doesn't mean that your MS Office Pro 2003 disk will work. In many of these cases, the only fix is just to remove Office and reinstall it from scratch, making any needed modifications.

File formats

MS Office 2007 uses the .docx file format by default. People should avoid saving in this format for compatibility reasons. If user needs to open a .docx file, MS Office 2007 Compatibility Pack [1] can be installed (requires MS Office to be installed). Alternatively, OpenOffice.org [2] version 3 can also view and edit .docx files, although it cannot yet save to this format.

Macros and viruses

Word documents can contain macros which are small scripts that automatically perform complex or repetitive actions in MS Word. Unfortunately macros can also have extensive control over your computer, so they can be used to write viruses. Any system that can run macros in a MS Word document, is also vulnerable to macro-based viruses. Use and run macros with care.

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