Microtrack II

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Microtrack II Recorder


The M-Audio MicroTrack II is a professional two-channel, 24-bit/96kHz digital recorder that uses Compact Flash cards or Microdrives as storage media. The unit is portable, feature-rich and easily operated.

The MicroTrack II supports WAV (BWF) and MP3 file formats for recording and drag-and-drop transfer to your Mac or PC via USB 2.0. The unit offers dual mic preamps with 48V phantom power for using professional microphones connected to the 1/4" TRS inputs. A 3.5mm TRS input with 5V of power allows you to use the included electret mic. A S/PDIF digital input, RCA stereo line outputs, and a stereo 3.5mm mini headphone output are built-in, and the versatile powering options for the recorder include USB, the built-in rechargeable battery, or the included AC power supply.

Microtrack II Settings
Record Settings
  • Input Source = 1/4" TRS
  • Input Monitor = On
  • Encoder = WAV
  • Sample Rate = 96
  • Bits = 16
  • Channels = Stereo
  • Link L+R Gain = On
  • Limiter = Off

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