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Using the Flash Media Server as the media manager, we will build a front-end interface to help users manage their own media, implementing a self-service model. Faculty, staff and students can create video on their preferred platform, save a rendered file in a platform-specific format, then upload their media through the Flash Media Encoder, which will convert standard formats to FlashVideo (.flv)*, allowing anyone with the Flash Palyer to view. Uploading the video can involve compression, reducing the storage space needed to host the media.

* H264 video may be used once we have a new version of Flash Media Server that supports it.

Required Features

  • Users defined by LDAP/AD
    • Frontend application needs to be organized by user
  • Users upload video/audio
  • Users manage their video/audio
  • Generate embed code
  • Default and custom limits on size of upload and storage
  • Granular permissions, allowing restrictions on who can see which videos a user owns, as defined by AD.
    • Public
    • Middlebury only
    • Private
  • if closed source code, then needs API for at least uploading media files

Desired Features

  • Playlists or favorites
  • Users record video/audio in browser, right into their library.
  • RSS feeds of users' channel/playlist
  • Granular permissions, allowing restrictions on who can see which videos a user owns, as defined by AD and/or secondary authentication.

=Nice To Have

    • Other Middlebury users
    • Class
    • Other AD groups
    • Guest accounts
  • tagging
  • voting
  • folders/groupings/channels of video/audio allowing media created by multiple users to be grouped together.
  • Embed a playlist into a viewer
  • Support for multiple viewers with different feature-sets.



Easy to use, open source flash video player with room for customization. Embed code is generated by the Flash player, and native support for playlists and chapters. This player is in use by AbroadView

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