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How to connect to the midd_secure wireless network.
#REDIRECT [[Wireless]]
== Windows XP ==
'''Please visit: [http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/lis/help/helpdesk/documentation/network/wireless/rd_midd_secure_xp.htm Configuring midd_secure in Windows XP] for detailed steps.'''
''Although possible, configuring midd_secure to work on an Windows XP machine using a wifi manager other that the Windows XP wifi utility is usually difficult pain. For this reason alone, I recommend that any third party wifi utility be disabled.''
=== Older Dell Wireless Cards ===
If you have an older Dell wireless card, the above instructions may not work, but you are encouraged to try them. An alternative setup procedure is provided in the [[Configuring Older Dell Wireless Cards for midd_secure]] article.
== Windows Vista ==
[http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/lis/help/helpdesk/documentation/network/wireless/wireless_config_vista.htm How to configure Vista for midd_secure]
Random note: Setting it up as a WPA2 Enterprise network has been fairly successful but I have no idea in what version of Vista this works/does not work. You should be able to do so by setting up a network manually and editing the settings of that manually set up network.
== Mac OS X - Tiger  ==
[http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/lis/help/helpdesk/documentation/network/wireless/rd_midd_secure_mac_osx.htm Configure midd_secure on Mac OS X Tiger]
''[https://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wikis/LIS/images/5/58/Midd_secure-mac-troubleshooting.pdf Troubleshooting midd_secure on a Mac]''
''Includes information on Mac models that may have hardware incompa''<br>
*Click on the airprot icon.
*Select midd_secure.
*Enter username and password.
*Do not check the "Remember my password in my keychain" box.
*Hit OK.
*A window with the title "Verify Certificate" will appear. Click "Continue".
=== "Fixing" WPA error  ===
*Go to network connect
:You can do this by clicking on the airport icon on the MacOS X menu and selecting "Open Internet Connect..."
*Go to the the "802.1X" tab.
*On the configuration option, use the drop-down menu to select "Edit Configurations..."
*Remove all previously saved connection settings then hit "OK"
*Close the Internet Connect application.
*Go to the "Utilities" folder in the "Applications" folder
:While in finder you may use, apple-shift-U or go-&gt;Utilities, to navigate to the utilities folder
*Fire up "Keychain Access"
*Look for an "oncila.middlebury.edu" certificate and delete it
*Delete anything that says "midd_secure" or "WPA Midd_secure" on it. "Basically anything that you removed in the earlier step."
*Close the Keychain Access application.
*Click on the airport icon on the menu.
*Select midd_secure.
*Enter username and password.
*Do not check the "Remember my password in my keychain" box.
*Hit OK
You should now be OK.
''Much thanx to Petar''
=== WPA Error - desertcat certificate missing  ===
If this happens, we need to remove all traces of midd_secure on the computer.
1- Internet Connect
2- Keychain Access - remove : desercat certificate, midd_secure, VeriSign, Aruba
3- Network
This happened because of an error in the server managing midd_secure.
Removing all of these should work, and will prompt for the username and password.&nbsp; You should be OK now.
== Mac OS X - Leopard  ==
*''[https://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wikis/LIS/images/5/58/Midd_secure-mac-troubleshooting.pdf Troubleshooting midd_secure on a Mac (Powerpoint presentation)''
== Ubuntu 8.04 ==
[[Ubuntu#midd_secure|Ubuntu setup page]]

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