Midd secure

How to connect to the midd_secure wireless network.

Windows XP

Please visit: Configuring midd_secure in Windows XP for detailed steps.

Although possible, configuring midd_secure to work on an Windows XP machine using a wifi manager other that the Windows XP wifi utility is usually difficult pain. For this reason alone, I recommend that any third party wifi utility be disabled.

Older Dell Wireless Cards

If you have an older Dell wireless card, the above instructions may not work, but you are encouraged to try them. An alternative setup procedure is provided in the Configuring Older Dell Wireless Cards for midd_secure article.

Windows Vista

How to configure Vista for midd_secure

Random note: Setting it up as a WPA2 Enterprise network has been fairly successful but I have no idea in what version of Vista this works/does not work. You should be able to do so by setting up a network manually and editing the settings of that manually set up network.

Mac OS X - Tiger

Configure midd_secure on Mac OS X Tiger

Troubleshooting midd_secure on a Mac

Includes information on Mac models that may have hardware incompa

  • Click on the airprot icon.
  • Select midd_secure.
  • Enter username and password.
  • Do not check the "Remember my password in my keychain" box.
  • Hit OK.
  • A window with the title "Verify Certificate" will appear. Click "Continue".

"Fixing" WPA error

  • Go to network connect
You can do this by clicking on the airport icon on the MacOS X menu and selecting "Open Internet Connect..."
  • Go to the the "802.1X" tab.
  • On the configuration option, use the drop-down menu to select "Edit Configurations..."
  • Remove all previously saved connection settings then hit "OK"
  • Close the Internet Connect application.

  • Go to the "Utilities" folder in the "Applications" folder
While in finder you may use, apple-shift-U or go->Utilities, to navigate to the utilities folder
  • Fire up "Keychain Access"
  • Look for an "oncila.middlebury.edu" certificate and delete it
  • Delete anything that says "midd_secure" or "WPA Midd_secure" on it. "Basically anything that you removed in the earlier step."
  • Close the Keychain Access application.

  • Click on the airport icon on the menu.
  • Select midd_secure.
  • Enter username and password.
  • Do not check the "Remember my password in my keychain" box.
  • Hit OK

You should now be OK.

Much thanx to Petar

WPA Error - desertcat certificate missing

If this happens, we need to remove all traces of midd_secure on the computer.

1- Internet Connect

2- Keychain Access - remove : desercat certificate, midd_secure, VeriSign, Aruba

3- Network

This happened because of an error in the server managing midd_secure.

Removing all of these should work, and will prompt for the username and password.  You should be OK now.

Mac OS X - Leopard

Troubleshooting midd_secure on a Mac

  • TODO

Ubuntu 8.04

Ubuntu setup page

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