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'''Middfiles''' is the college's primary file server. This is where you should save all of your important files, because the servers are backed up regularly. Using Middfiles can save you from disaster in the event of your computer having a serious problem. All students, faculty, and staff are allocated space on the server and can have their quota increased on request. Users can [[File Servers#Connecting_to_File_Servers|connect to Middfiles]] from their personal computers both on and off campus. The server can also be accessed using [[NetStorage]], a limited, browser-based version of Middfiles that can be accessed from off-campus without a VPN connection.
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Middfiles also is the home of [[Using Course Folders on the Classes Server|"classes" folders]]. Each course has a folder in which faculty may choose to share documents with students enrolled in the course. If you need to get to your "classes" folder then you will find it on Middfiles.
== See Also  ==
*[[LIS Public Documentation#File_Servers]] - more information about Middfiles.
*step by step instructions on how to start using Middfiles:<br>[[Using File Servers (Windows)|Using File Servers - Windows]]<br>[[Using File Servers (Macintosh)|Using File Servers - Macintosh]]<br>
*[[NetStorage]] - the browser based version of Middfiles, which allows access from anywhere without the need for VPN.
*[[File Servers|File_Servers]]- list of all articles related to file servers.
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Content for this wiki page has been moved to the TeamDynamix Knowledge Base: https://support.gmhec.org/TDClient/47/middlebury/KB/ArticleDet?ID=301
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