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THIS PAGE HAS OUTDATED INFORMATION AFP is no longer supported for middfiles. WebDAV is the preferred protocol for middfiles. see http://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/LIS/WebDav for updated information

Access MiddFiles on an iOS device for free

You can access Middfiles for free from any web device, including an iOS device. Simply point your browser to https://middfiles.middlebury.edu and you will be prompted for an authentication. Using your MIDD credentials, you will have access to all the folders you normally would on all of the Middfiles servers.

Access Middfiles through the web allows you to see or listen to your files, without the need to sync.

Access MiddFiles on an iOS device with a paid app

Ios folder icon.jpg Setup an iOS device to browse MiddFiles

In order to browse MiddFiles from an iOS device, an AFP-capable file browser app must be downloaded and installed. One such app is called ezSharePro, available in the App Store.

Ios ezsharepro icon.jpg ezSharePro

  1. From the Home screen of your iOS device, select ezSharePro.
  2. From the File Servers screen, select the + sign button to create an AFP profile for MiddFiles. (Hostname = middfiles.middlebury.edu)
    Ios middfiles afp.jpg
  3. Verify that you are connected to Middlebury's network through Wi-Fi or VPN.
  4. Browse MiddFiles.
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