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You can [[Create_Middlebury_Full_Guest_Account|create a new, '''full-featured''' guest account]] using any e-mail account (except @middlebury.edu or @miis.edu addresses).  A '''full''' guest is account is required for access to the college resources outlined below. <br>
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Just looking for a wireless internet connection and nothing more?  You can [[Create Basic Guest Wireless Account|create a '''basic''' guest wireless account]] that is valid for four days. <br><br>
= What guests will have access to =
*The [[Connect_to_Wireless#The_MiddleburyCollege_Wireless_Network|'''MiddleburyCollege''']]  wireless network
*[[Course Catalog]] (can create schedules, but not email them)
*Commenting on [[WordPress]] (sites.middlebury.edu)
*[[Canvas]] sites open to anyone with a Middlebury login (placement tests)
= What guests can be given access to =
You will need to contact a person with a regular Middlebury account and request access.
*Can be made contributors/authors/editors of [[WordPress]] sites (sites.middlebury.edu)
*Can be made teacher/students of [[Canvas]] sites.
*Can be made editors in [[MediaWiki]] (mediawiki.middlebury.edu)
*Can be granted access to course sites using Canvas.
= What guest accounts created this way will not have access to =
*Editing in [[Drupal]] (www.middlebury.edu, www.miis.edu, museum.middlebury.edu)
*Creating [[GO]] links
*Creating a [[WordPress]] site
*Public computers (though they can get a daily guest password from the Circulation Desk)
*Printing (though they can purchase [http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/technology/help/technology/printing/accounts#guests_accounts guest printing cards])
*Uploading to [[MiddMedia]]
*Submitting Web Help Desk tickets
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