Middlebury Guest Account

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You can create a new guest account using any e-mail account (except @middlebury.edu or @miis.edu addresses).

What guests will have access to

  • Course Catalog (can create schedules, but not email them)
  • Portal (can customize their layout)
  • The "MiddleburyCollege" wireless network (as of March 2nd)
  • Commenting on WordPress (sites.middlebury.edu)
  • Moodle sites open to anyone with a Middlebury login (placement tests)

What guests can be given access to

You will need to contact a person with a regular Middlebury account and request access.

  • Can be made contributors/authors/editors of WordPress sites (sites.middlebury.edu)
  • Can be made teacher/students of Moodle sites.
  • Can be made editors in MediaWiki (mediawiki.middlebury.edu)

What guest accounts created this way will not have access to

  • Editing in Drupal (www.middlebury.edu, www.miis.edu, museum.middlebury.edu)
  • Creating GO links
  • Creating a WordPress site
  • Public computers (though they can get a daily guest password from the Circulation Desk)
  • Printing (though they can purchase guest printing cards)
  • CourseHub
  • MiddFiles
  • Uploading to MiddMedia
  • Ride Board
  • Submitting Web Help Desk tickets
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