Middlebury Student Guide to Technology

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Library and Information Services (LIS) is a group of full-time professional staff members and part-time student consultants. Our job is to make your time spent on computing tasks as productive and rewarding as possible and provide you with the full range of library services.

This guide is provided to help you get started with computing and library use at Middlebury College. We hope you will keep this as a reference and use it often. You are welcome to take full advantage of any of our many services which are briefly described in the next few pages.

This document also provides guidance for using computing and library facilities at the college.

LIS Service Points

  • The Main Library is located on Storrs Avenue, across the quad from Old Chapel and is

home to the main collection (including the video collection) and the Technology Helpdesk.

  • Armstrong Science Library is located on the first and second floors of McCardell

Bicentennial Hall and is home to the science and psychology collection.

  • The Music Library is located on the first floor of the Mahaney Center for the Arts and is

home to the music and dance collection.

  • Information Desk (Main Library – general info) 443-2000
  • Technology Helpdesk (computing & media services) 443-2200
  • Main Library Circulation Desk 443-5494
  • Main Library Reference Desk (research questions) 443-5496
  • Armstrong Science Library Circulation Desk 443-5449
  • Armstrong Science Library Reference 443-5018
  • Music Library Circulation Desk 443-5218
  • Music Library Reference Desk 443-5785

The LIS Website

Many services are available to you from our main webpage. To find the LIS website type go/lis in the Address field of your browser and press Key Enter.PNG. For specific information about the services of the Technology Helpdesk type go/helpdesk in the Address field of your browser. There is also a shortcut to the LIS website on the college home page.

GO is a utility that gives easy access to registered pages on the Middlebury College website. To use this utility from outside the Middlebury network, enter http://go.middlebury.edu/destination instead of go/destination.

Technology Helpdesk

The Technology Helpdesk is the group to contact with any technology-related questions. Highly-trained consultants answer your calls and work with you to solve problems with software, troubleshoot a hardware problem, or help with any other computing-related issue. If your question requires more in-depth assistance, the Technology Helpdesk contacts the appropriate resource to solve your problem or provide you with training.

You may contact us to request assistance in the following ways:

  • Call the Technology Helpdesk at 443-2200.
  • Send an e-mail to helpdesk@middlebury.edu.
  • Visit us in the Main Library, main floor, room 202. (We're friendly! Come say hi.)

Helpdesk hours of operation

During the academic year, the Helpdesk is normally open:

  • Monday through Thursday, 8 AM -> 12 PM.
  • Friday, 8 AM -> 6 PM.
  • Saturday, 12 AM -> 6 PM.
  • Sunday, 12 AM -> 12 PM.

During the summer, the Helpdesk is normally open:

  • Monday through Friday, 8 AM -> 10 PM.
  • Saturday, 10 AM -> 6 PM.
  • Sunday, 10 AM -> 10 PM.

Our hours vary during breaks.

On-Campus Training

LIS offers a number of computing workshops throughout the academic year. Faculty, staff and students may attend, free of charge. In the Address field of your browser, type go/techworkshops and press Key Enter.PNG to view the list of offerings. This schedule is constantly updated with workshop information. Please check back often. Customized workshops may also be arranged on request, time and resources permitting. Please e-mail helpdesk@middlebury.edu or call x2200 to register for a workshop. Seating is limited and is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Some workshops are scheduled by request for specific academic classes. Seating may not be available in these workshops.