Mills College 949

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For all items going to Mills College

Add 949 to bib records

For each book sent to Mills College, add to the bib record a 949 [shift-F7] containing this information:

$i location omill
$b Middlebury barcode
$t item type
40 book
90 non-circulating (Reference items)
120 video (circulating)
130 video (non-circ)
150 DVD (non-circ)
250 DVD (circulating)

$x Staff note (can be omitted)

  • Example: 949 $iomill$b0000211203153$t40$xCD in pocket''


  • Suppress the bib record if the only item record is for Mills College (Bib code 3 = n)
  • Suppress only the item record for Mills College if there are other holdings for same title (Item code 2 = n)