Misc E-Mail Notes

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Q: I am sending lots of batch emails with an email program other than Outlook. After every message I see a window that says Symantec is scanning the email message. Is there any way to turn this off?

A: We recommend that you let Symantec scan each message you send to ensure that your computer isn't inadvertently sending spam or viruses. However, scanning every email message may cause the mail server to time out if you are sending lots of messages at once (mass mailing or batch mailing). If that's the case this is how you can prevent symantec from scanning each email message:

Start => Programs => Symantec Client Security => Symantec AntiVirus => Configure => Internet Email AutoProtect => Uncheck Internet Email AutoProtect => Click OK and exit Symantec.

We recommend that you turn this setting back on after you are done with the mass mailing.

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