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Local Documentation
  • 5xx Notes: AACR2 Order (Local)
  • Accompanying Materials (Local -- C's Rev.)
  • Accompanying Materials (Local)
  • Added Copies, Volumes, Editions (Local)
  • Backlog Items (Local)
  • Bailey Pamphlets Barcode Locations for Various Formats (Local)
  • Browsing Collection Instructions (Local)
  • Choosing OCLC Records (Local)
  • Contents Notes: When to Add (Local)
  • CSO items (Career Services): Call Numbers & Procedures Encoding Levels (Local)
  • Location Abbreviations (Local)
  • Multiple Copies in Different Locations (Local)
  • Oversize Designations (Local)
  • Series Statement Guidelines (Local)
  • Special Collections Materials Processing
  • Uniform Titles (Local)
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