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*Uniform Titles (Local)<br>
*Uniform Titles (Local)<br>
===== Other Sites =====
===== Other Sites<br> =====
*AUTOCAT Archives
*[http://www.itsmarc.com/crs/CRS0000.htm Cataloger's Reference Shelf] (Library Corp.)
*Cataloger's Reference Shelf  
*[http://calculate.alptown.com/ Cataloging Calculator]
*Cataloging Calculator  
*[http://www.loc.gov/cds/PDFdownloads/csb/ Cataloging Service Bulletin] (CSB)  
*Cataloging Service Bulletin (CSB)  
*[http://www.lib.k-state.edu/depts/techserv/manual/cataloging/monographs/dates.html Editions vs. Printings] (Kansas State Univ.)  
*Editions vs. Printings (Kansas State Univ.)  
*[http://www.getty.edu/research/conducting_research/vocabularies/tgn/ Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names]
*Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names  
*[http://www.itcompany.com/inforetriever/cat.htm Internet Library for Librarians] (Cataloging section)  
*Internet Library for Librarians (Cataloging section)  
*[http://www.library.yale.edu/cataloging/music/musicat.htm Music Cataloging at Yale]<br>
*Music Cataloging at Yale  
*[http://www.library.uq.edu.au/ssah/jeast// National Library Catalogues]
*National Libraries (Check here for authorized forms of authors' names if unavailable from LC)
*[http://www.novaroma.org/via_romana/numbers.html Roman Numerals] (conversion chart and calculator)  
*Roman Numerals (conversion chart and calculator)  
*[http://geonames.usgs.gov/ USGS Mapping Information for the United States] (Check here for authorized place names that are unavailable from LC)  
*USGS Mapping Information for the United States (Check here for authorized place names that are unavailable from LC)  
*[http://www.vraweb.org/ Visual Resources Assoc. ](Digitization, etc.)
*Visual Resources Assoc. (Digitization, etc.)

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  • Accompanying Materials (Local)
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  • Bailey Pamphlets Barcode Locations for Various Formats (Local)
  • Browsing Collection Instructions (Local)
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