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  • Items will be marked missing at Circulation service points immediately after discovered/reported missing.
  • Circ staff will search thoroughly within 24 hours.
  • If the missing item has an outstanding request on it, and it is not found, Circ staff will notify the requestor through the Millennium Circ notice system that the item is unavailable. The cancellation notice alerts the borrower to their options - ILL, NExpress, and/or place acquisition/new order request.
  • Other statuses occur automatically in the system.


List will be run by Circ of everything with one of the following statuses, with a “last updated date” in the last month.

  • Missing
  • In Transit
  • Claims returned
  • Billed

This list will be searched (now for a second time) by Circ.


  • Being repaired - will be generated in a separate report
  • Lost and paid - which is an automatic status that appears after something has been billed and paid for. This status will get picked up in the 3 month report for replacement.

Every Three Months

In January, April, end of June (right before the fiscal rollover, which changes the “last updated date” of everything) and October, a list will be run by circ of everything with one of the following statuses and a “last updated date” sometime in the previous three months. For example: on April 1st, the list will be everything from Oct-Dec.

  • Missing
  • In transit
  • Claims returned
  • Lost and paid

Note that anything that has been found in the last three months will not appear on this list as it will have a status of “available.”

  • DVDs will be searched first and will be sent as a separate list to the FMMC liaison for immediate replacement.
  • Any item published in the past two years will be replaced (MARC field = 260|c).
  • Any item with EAST in the 583 ITEM field will be replaced.
  • Any item with 5 or more circs will be replaced.
  • Any item with fewer than 5 circs will be coded for withdrawal and/or supressed.
  • Circ will send these lists to Collections Management for replacement/withdrawal/suppression.

View Collection Management's related documentation here: Withdrawals, Withdrawing, Withdraw, and Withdraws  

Davison Library

  • A separate Davison list will be run once a year, probably in April.

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