Monitors Policies and Procedures: Special Collections

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NOTE CHANGE : White Gloves are no longer required for handling of Special Collections materials with the exception of PHOTOGRAPHS and FILM, or certain materials at SC staff discretion

Please answer phone at Reception Desk (x2387) and refer call to Andy or Danielle or take a message.

• Welcome visitors – have everyone sign register

• Have them put belongings in a cubicle, sign register, and take only pencil, paper and/or a laptop into the Reading Room, if they are staying for research purposes

• Ask them if they have an appointment and with whom

  • If they have an appointment, CALL Andy (x5501) or Danielle (x5346) – DO NOT LEAVE THE DESK
  • If Andy or Danielle are not available, call the Work Room phone (x3488) and ask a student assistant to find them (Andy and Danielle should tell you where they will be)

• If visitors do not have an appointment, ask if they are working on an ongoing project. If the answer is yes : Call a Student Assistant or Andy or Danielle to page it for them – DO NOT LEAVE THE DESK

• If visitors are walk-ins or first-time visitors

  • hand them a copy of the Policies & Procedures
  • ask them to sign-in, stating reason for their visit and/or topic of research
  • have them place belongings in cubicle
  • remind them to take only pencil, paper and/or a laptop and ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES (they can leave beverages in the cubicle) into the Reading Room
  • Call Andy or Danielle on the phone – DO NOT LEAVE THE DESK

If you must leave the desk for a short break, call Andy or Danielle on the phone to come out and cover for you.

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