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Content Creation

Text for Right Column

NOTE: The current menu item in Monster Menus is labeled "Text for Right Column" so we continue this convention. The MIIS theme displays this on the right, but other themes may not. There is no functional reason that this must be used only on the right and so we may revise this documentation at a later date to address that. Generally, we will refer to this functionality as the Page Sidebar.

Sidebar content is created using the "Text for Right Column" block. This block will look up in the page tree until it find a page with content in the block. That content will then be displayed at the current level of the tree. To override Text for Right Column content from a higher level in the tree, create a new page at the current level with this menu appearance.

For example, if this is your site hierarchy the content on the rightcolumn page will be displayed in the sidebar of all three departments:

  • Home
    • Academics
      • rightcolumn (Using Text for Right Column menu appearance)
      • Biology
      • Chemistry
      • Economics

To create a custom sidebar for Chemistry, create a new rightcolumn page at that level:

  • Home
    • Academics
      • rightcolumn (Using Text for Right Column menu appearance)
      • Biology
      • Chemistry
        • rightcolumn (Using text for Right Column menu appearance)
      • Economics

To create a page using this menu appearance:

  1. Navigate to the level in the site information architecture where you wish to create sidebar content.
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Add sub-page
  4. Enter a page name. We recommend "Sidebar Content", but you may use whatever name you like.
  5. Enter a URL name. We recommend "sidebar", but you may use whatever name you like.
  6. Expand Appearance.
  7. Expand Menu appearance.
  8. Under "Location on screen" choose "Text for right column".
  9. Make other page settings, such as Permissions as you normally would for a new page.
  10. Click Create sub-page.

You can now add content to the sidebar using content types as you normally would for page content. The content you add here will be displayed in the Sidebar. You should also now see an Edit link in the Sidebar. This will allow you to return to content editing for Sidebar content at this level and any other where this Text for Right Column page will be displayed.


Please see the separate page on Monster Menus Permissions.

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