Monthly Tape Load

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Once a month we get a tape load of Gov Docs bib records from OCLC. Arabella will send us an email when the new one has come in. We need to organize them and print out a list; this is done using Create Lists in Millenium.

Creating the List

Open Millenium. Open “Create Lists” from the bar on the left side of the screen. There should be 2 “Gov Docs” lists, number 16 & 17. Choose the older one to overwrite. From the top bar, Empty the list. Rename the list from the top bar. Open “search records” from the second bar. Open the latest email from Arabella. At the bottom of the email with all the new records, you will see the starting and ending record numbers in the Bibliographic line.

BIBLIOGRAPHIC 378 b2809105x b28094827 91 0 46

Enter these numbers in the search window "start" and "stop".

Highlight “type”by double-clicking in the blank space; choose Bib, Highlight “Field”, choose marc tag. Type 086 over the letters. Highlight “condition”; choose greater than

Hit search. Hit “sort records” from second bar. Sort for type- bib record, and field-marc tag 086. Dedupe from top bar.


Click on “Export Records” from second bar. Begin with Bib record and marc tag, adding 086. Append type-bib record, field-title Append type-bib record, field- (81) record number. Browse for file to put them in. I use my Gov Docs file on the server. Choose all file types. Name the file such as “GDjuly2010.xls” Don’t forget the .xls Export the file by hitting “OK”

Open Excel, open the correct file. A window will pop up. Chose “delimited”, hit Next. Choose Tab and Comma, hit Next. Choose general, hit Finish.

Set up the page. Margins should be .75. There should be no header margin and the footer should be .5. Go to the header/footer tab. Choose a footer with name, date and page number. Format the columns so you can see enough of the call number and make the title as wide as possible. Delete the word Biblio in column 3 and autoformat column to fit.

Make sure all the record numbers are in the right column. If not, cut and paste, and delete all the information to the left of the Record # column.
Add borders to everything.
Check Print preview to see how it looks.
Print, presto!!

Add borders to everything. Check Print preview to see how it looks. Print, presto!!

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