Moodle (on-line testing)

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The basic steps for taking the placement exams are as follows:
1. Go to https://moodle.middlebury.edu/.
2. Once you see the Moodle site, click on Log in (upper right corner)
3. Log in with your Midd username and password

Common Log in Problems
     • Student user accounts is not yet activated 
     • Students try to log in with their full email address instead of just their username

Common Test Taking Problems
     • Student loses internet connection during exam (usually due to weal wireless connection)
     • Student computer crashes
     • Student accidentally clicks finish button before answering all questions

Deleting an Unsuccessful Testing Attempt
Students can only access a placement exam once. When a student starts the exam but doesn't complete it, someone (usually a Language School or Dept coordinator or a Language Dept faculty person) has to "delete their attempt." This is done as follows:
1. Go to exam site in Moodle.
2. Click on the exam title.
3. Click on the "Results" tab.
4. Check the box for the student whose exam attempt needs to be deleted.
5. Click on the "Delete selected attempts" button.

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