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Duplicating and Updating Placement Exams
# Go to http://moodle.middlebury.edu/course/category.php?id=214
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# Log-in by clicking “Log-in” in the upper right corner of the screen .
# On the right side of the screen, Under “Home”, click on “My Courses”
# Find and click on your School
# Click “Turn Editing On” on the upper right corner of screen.
# Find the exam you want to duplicate and update.
# Click on the duplicate symbol on the toolbar for the exam you want to duplicate. (4th from the left)
File:duplicate.jpg|Click on the DUPLICATE button]]
# Click “Continue”
# Click “Edit the New Copy”
# Change name
# Scroll down to “Timing”
# Click “Enable”
# Change the date to when you want it active.
# Scroll down to bottom of page.
# Click “Save and Return to Course”
# Create new Topic for the year by finding an empty topic.
# Click the four arrows and drag it to top of page.[[File:312px-NewTopic.jpg|Create a new topic]]
# Click on the “gear” symbol (Edit summaries) underneath topic name.
# Uncheck “Use default section name”
# Type in exam year. Example: 2014
# Click “Save Changes”
# Click on the four arrows symbol of the updated exam and drag to the topic you just created.
# On the exam you want to hide, click the “eye” symbol. The exam should “grey” out.
# Go to Settings on the right side of the screen.
# Click on “Edit Settings”
# Under “Availability”, from the drop down menu choose “This course is available to students”
# Click “Save changes”
# You’re done!
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