Moodle Duplicate Exam

Duplicating and Updating Placement Exams

  1. Go to http://moodle.middlebury.edu/course/category.php?id=214
  2. Log-in by clicking “Log-in” in the upper right corner of the screen .
  3. On the right side of the screen, Under “Home”, click on “My Courses”
  4. Find and click on your School
  5. Click “Turn Editing On” on the upper right corner of screen.
  6. Find the exam you want to duplicate and update.
  7. Click on the EDIT link and choose DUPLICATE.
    Select the DUPLICATE option
  8. Click on the EDIT link next to the new exam and choose EDIT SETTINGS.
  9. Change name
  10. Scroll down to “Timing”
  11. Click “Enable”
  12. Change the date to when you want it active.
  13. Scroll down to bottom of page.
  14. Click “Save and Return to Course”
  15. Create new Topic for the year by finding an empty topic.
  16. Click the four arrows and drag it to top of page.
    Create a new topic
  17. Click on the “gear” symbol (Edit summaries) underneath topic name.
  18. Uncheck “Use default section name”
  19. Type in exam year. Example: 2015
  20. Click “Save Changes”
  21. Click on the four arrows symbol of the updated exam and drag to the topic you just created.
  22. On the exam you want to hide, click the “eye” symbol. The exam should “grey” out.
  23. Go to Administration -> Course Administration on the right side of the screen.
  24. Click on “Edit Settings”
  25. Under “Visible”, from the drop down menu choose “This course is available to students”
  26. Click “Save changes”
  27. You’re done!
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