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Moodle is a learning management system (LMS) that can be used for creating course websites, online quizzes, exams and forums.  Below are frequently asked questions about using Moodle.  Also see:
*[[Moodle Quickstart|Moodle Quickstart]]
Content removed -- Moodle no longer in use.
== How do I know if I should use Moodle or Wordpress for my course website? ==
Both Moodle and WordPress can be used for creating course websites.  To help you decide which you should use, see: [http://blogs.middlebury.edu/segue/workshops/curricular-platforms-overview/ Segue from Segue > Curricular Platforms Overview]
== What is the difference between Measure and Moodle?  ==
Measure is an instance of Moodle that has been in use at Middlebury since 2007 primary for Language School placement and exit exams.  Measure can also be used for creating sites that need to be accessed by people who do not have Middlebury user accounts
Another instance of Moodle (referred to as Moodle @ Middlebury) has been set up for creating sites for courses at Middlebury.  This instance is only accessible to people with Middlebury user accounts.
== How do I log into Moodle?  ==
You can log into Moodle which you Middlebury username and password.
== How do I create a site in Moodle/Measure?  ==
Course sites on Moodle @ Middlebury can be created via the [[CourseHub]]
To create a Measure site, you must make a site request. You can do this by clicking on the [https://measure.middlebury.edu/course/request.php? Request a Site] at the Measure site.
== How do I give students access to my Moodle Course Site? ==
When Moodle course sites are created through the Course Hub, students are automatically be added as participants to course sites. 
The "Assign roles" link in the administration panel of any Moodle site can be used to add additional students or staff or other instructors
== How will my students find my Moodle Course Site? ==
Students should be directed to the [[CourseHub]] for all course resources.  When you create your Moodle site from the CourseHub, a link to that Moodle site will be added to your CourseHub site.  Students are enrolled in your course site, it will appear in their Moodle home page

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