Moodle Quickstart

Accessing Moodle (Faculty, Students, Staff)

Type go/moodle in the address bar to log in.
Faculty, students, and staff may access Moodle with a Middlebury username and password. Access to a Moodle course site is also possible if the site has been made visible on the class’ Course Hub page.

Creating a Site (Faculty)

Faculty may create Moodle sites from the Course Hub at go/hub
If you are unable to create a course site, contact the Helpdesk (helpdesk@middlebury.edu, 802.443.2200).
To learn more about the Course Hub, visit the Course Hub Wiki.
Courses may also be requested by visiting Moodle Course Request

Adding Participants to a Site (Faculty/Teacher role)

Moodle sites created via the Course Hub automatically include all registered students as participants in the role of students. As additional students register for the course or decide to drop the course, the Course Hub will update the Moodle site participant list.

Add additional participants to a Moodle site as follows:

  1. In the Administration panel (usually in the left sidebar), chose Assign Roles.
  2. Choose the desired role (e.g. Student, Teacher, etc.)
  3. Type of the name of the participant to add in the right column search field.
  4. Select the name of the participant to add and click the "Add" button.

Editing a Site (Faculty/Teacher role)

To edit your Moodle site, click on the "Edit this Site" button in the top right corner

Participating in Activities on a Site (Faculty, Students, Staff)

Moodle sites may include activities such as forums, assignments, quizzes. These activities are set up by faculty for students to participate in as part of their course work.
Instructions for how to participate in the activity are included on the site itself, in the form of “?” icons: e.g.

Resources (Faculty, Students, Staff)

In addition to this page and the “?” instructions within Moodle, additional help documentation may be found here:

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