Multi-Factor Authentication

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) helps protect your Middlebury Office 365 and Exchange Online (Email) account from potential compromise. MFA works by complementing your password, "something you know", with "something you have".

Signing up for Multi-Factor Authentication

If you would like to sign up for MFA, please submit a Web Help Desk ticket request that MFA be enabled for your account (Request Type: Information Security/Enable Multi-Factor Authentication).

Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication

Upon completion of your MFA sign-up request, you will receive a “Middlebury Multi-Factor Authentication Enrollment” email. The enrollment email will include a link to Microsoft’s MFA Setup page (https://aka.ms/MFASetup). Follow the instructions included in the link to enable MFA for your account.

The following short video illustrates how to setup multi-factor authentication as well as how to configure “App Passwords”: How To Set Up Multi-Factor for Your Account.

App Passwords, required for certain email clients, are described in more detail below.

App Passwords for Apple Mail, iOS Mail, Android E-mail, Thunderbird, etc.

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