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Call Numbers



  • 1st cutter: composer
  • 2nd cutter: title of work

Literature on music
Single-cuttered, except double-cuttered for ML 385-429 (biography)
Examples of bio/documentaries:

  • ML420.S582 H86 (individual singers, e.g., Paul Simon)
  • ML421.B4 M44 (groups, e.g., Beatles)
Instruction & study




  • Name of composer
  • Title of opera
    Beethoven, composer
    M1500.B44|bF5 2003
(created originally
for stage/theatrical productions)



  • Name of composer
  • Title of musical
    Damn Yankees
    Adler, composer
    M1500.A4|bD3 1993
(created originally on film)



  • Name of composer
  • Title of Musical
    Mary Poppins
    Sherman, composer
    M1527.S54|bM3 1993

(filmed dance performances)


  • Title of ballet
  • Name of choreographer
    Ashton, choreographer
(filmed as orchestral works--no dance)



  • Name of composer
  • Title of ballet
    Lebedinoe ozero [Swan Lake]
    Tchaikowsky, composer
    M1520.T33|bL4 1990
Symphony Performances

Class & cutter like the score

  • Name of composer
  • Title of ballet
    Ceremony of carols
    Britten, composer
    M2080.7.B862|bC4 1943
Jazz Performances


  • 1st cutter for performer
  • 2nd cutter for title
    Solo tribute
    Jarrett, performer
    M1366.J25|bS6 2002
Popular Music

Choose appropriate number for country (e.g., M1630 = U.S.)

  • 1st cutter for performer/group
  • 2nd cutter for title
    Paul McCartney in Red Square
    McCartney, performer
    M1741/18.M118|bP38 2005

Miscellaneous Call Number Information

  • If we have several versions of same musical work, keep same call number; differentiate by year. If duplicate years, add b, c, d, etc. after year to differentiate.

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Additional Cataloging Guidelines

General Reminders

  • Always trace directors, producers, & screenwriters even if they're in 508 and not in 245 $c
  • 508 vs. 511
    • Narrators: put in 511, not 508
    • Format:
      • 508 Editor, John Smith
      • 511 John Smith, tuba
  • 500 note about accompanying materials: format
    • Program in English and German (12 p. : ill.) inserted in container


  • Title main entry (change 100/240 to 700 12 with $t if necessary)
  • Use uniform title for 700 $t (e.g., Nozze di Figaro, not Marriage of Figaro)
  • Trace writer/librettist, producer, directors (usually 2 directors: stage and TV)
  • 511: generally include all performers in this field; but only trace the most important (e.g., names that are on box/container)
  • 130: rarely used in operas - mainly for documentaries with titles that have already been used for different items
  • Add 650 Operas
  • Add 655 Operas or Filmed operas; Opera television programs or Televised operas
  • Do not add 650 Musicals or 655 Musical films.


  • Title main entry
  • Add 650 Ballets
  • Add 655 Ballets, Ballet films, or Filmed ballets'; Ballet television programs' or Televised ballets
  • 700: Composer & $t
    • Example:
      • 700 12 Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich,|d1840- 1893.|tLebedinoe ozero.
  • 730: Title of choreographed dance (not necessarily the uniform title)
    • Example:
      • 730 02 Swan lake (Choreographic work : Ivanov and Petipa)


  • Catalog similar to operas:
  • Call numbers: usually M1500 or M1527
  • Add 650 Musicals (this is not a genre heading)
  • Add 655 Musical films or Filmed musicals; or Musical television programs or Televised musicals

Popular/Rock Music Videos

  • Musical groups (generally): give names of performers in 511, but trace only the musical group
  • Add 650 Popular music (or Rock music)$z [Country] &y [date]
  • Add 655 Concert films or Rock concert films (if appropriate)
  • Add 655 Music videos:
    • For MTV-type videos, either singles or collections (Occasionally, a music video may include portions of a filmed performance. Do not add Concert films to the record in this situation)
    • Even if the main feature is a straightforward film of the performance, add the 655 Music videos if it includes 1 or more complete MTV-like music videos (e.g., as a bonus feature)
  • Add 655 xxx language films if music/soundtrack is in a language other than English.

Performances of Musical Works

(1 or more composers)

  • Title main entry
  • 518: always add date of performance
    • Example
      • Recorded on Aug. 20, 1997, Radio City Music Hall, New York, N.Y.
      • Filmed at a production on . . .
  • 700: composer & $t
    • Example:
      • 700 12 Nielsen, Carl,|d1865-1931.|tSymphonies.

Subject headings

Decide: Is the video a music performance (needs 'performance headings'), or is it about the music -- or both?

► Performance heading examples (650 field, not 655, except for Opera, Ballet, Zarzuela -- add both 650 & 655 for those)

  • Jazz
  • Piano music (jazz)
  • Symphonies
  • Popular music
  • Operas
  • Ballet
  • Zarzuelas

► Subject headings (the video is "about" the subject)

  • Add $x History and criticism.
  • Example: 650 0 Reggae--History and criticism
  • Do not add a music genre without $x unless these live performances are substantial. See record b1818926x (Miles Davis) for an example of a documentary that has both substantial documentary and substantial live performance to merit both kinds of headings.

► Genre headings (655) : Add when appropriate

  • Concert films
  • Rock concert films
  • Musical films
  • Music videos
  • Filmed [musicals, operas, ballets, dance, etc.] = recorded performances of live events; considered Nonfiction
  • Televised [musicals, operas, ballets, dance, etc.]= cinematic works; considered Fiction
  • Documentary films [etc.]

► Genre subdivisions:

  • $v Drama (operas/ballet)
  • $v Songs and music (for non-dramatic work)

► Subject headings for local recordings of Middlebury performances (add as appropriate):

  • 610 20 Middlebury College $x Faculty $x Performances
  • 655   0 Faculty authors [so users can find anything by faculty, whether written or performed]


Most DVDs:

  • Item Location: mmbd
  • I-type: 11 (DVD)
  • Call # : post-it on front of container

DVDs that do not circulate as browsing media (Expensive/rare/special DVDs):

  • Item Location: mmcd
  • I-type: 9 (DVD @ circ)
  • Call # : post-it on front of container
  • Green slip: Media

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