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Call Numbers



  • 1st cutter: composer
  • 2nd cutter: title of work

Literature on music
Single-cuttered, except double-cuttered for ML 385-429 (biography)
Examples of bio/documentaries:

  • ML420.S582|bH86 (individual singers, e.g., Paul Simon)
  • ML421.B4|bM44 (groups, e.g., Beatles)
Instruction & study




  • Name of composer
  • Title of opera
    Beethoven, composer
    M1500.B44|bF5 2003
(created originally
for stage/theatrical productions)



  • Name of composer
  • Title of musical
    Damn Yankees
    Adler, composer
    M1500.A4|bD3 1993
(created originally on film)



  • Name of composer
  • Title of Musical
    Mary Poppins
    Sherman, composer
    M1527.S54|bM3 1993

(filmed dance performances)


  • Title of ballet
  • Name of choreographer
    Ashton, choreographer
(filmed as orchestral works--no dance)



  • Name of composer
  • Title of ballet
    Lebedinoe ozero [Swan Lake]
    Tchaikowsky, composer
    M1520.T33|bL4 1990
Symphony Performances

Class & cutter like the score

  • Name of composer
  • Title of ballet
    Ceremony of carols
    Britten, composer
    M2080.7.B862|bC4 1943
Jazz Performances


  • 1st cutter for performer
  • 2nd cutter for title
    Solo tribute
    Jarrett, performer
    M1366.J25|bS6 2002
Popular Music

Choose appropriate number for country (e.g., M1630 = U.S.)

  • 1st cutter for performer/group
  • 2nd cutter for title
    Paul McCartney in Red Square
    McCartney, performer
    M1741.18.M38|bP38 2005

Miscellaneous Call Number Information

  • If we have several versions of same musical work, keep same call number; differentiate by year. If duplicate years, add b, c, d, etc. after year to differentiate.
  • "Famous conductor" DVD guidelines:
  1. If the video is about conducting one specific work (e.g., "In rehearsal, Mariss Jansons : Béla Bartók, Suite from The miraculous mandarin"), class the video appropriate to the work (M1524 in this case). It might occasionally be in MT if the discussion is very technical/analytical in nature. Do this even if the conductor is given prominence as in the example title above.
  2. If the video has the conductor conducting multiple works (more than 1) (e.g., "In rehearsal, Zubin Mehta"), class with the conductor's biography (ML422).
  3. If the video is a "how-to-conduct" video, class in MT85.

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Additional Cataloging Guidelines

General Reminders

  • Always trace directors, producers, & screenwriters even if they're in 508 and not in 245 $c
  • 508 vs. 511
    • Narrators: put in 511, not 508
    • Format:
      • 508 Editor, John Smith
      • 511 John Smith, tuba
  • 500 note about accompanying materials: format
    • Program in English and German (12 p. : ill.) inserted in container


  • Title main entry (change 100/240 to 700 12 with $t if necessary)
  • Use uniform title for 700 $t (e.g., Nozze di Figaro, not Marriage of Figaro)
  • Trace writer/librettist, producer, directors (usually 2 directors: stage and TV)
  • 511: generally include all performers in this field; but only trace the most important (e.g., names that are on box/container)
  • 130: rarely used in operas - mainly for documentaries with titles that have already been used for different items
  • Add 650 Operas
  • Add 655 Operas or Filmed operas; Opera television programs or Televised operas
  • Do not add 650 Musicals or 655 Musical films.


  • Title main entry
  • Add 650 Ballets
  • Add 655 Ballets, Ballet films, or Filmed ballets'; Ballet television programs' or Televised ballets
  • 700: Composer & $t
    • Example:
      • 700 12 Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich,|d1840- 1893.|tLebedinoe ozero.
  • 730: Title of choreographed dance (not necessarily the uniform title)
    • Example:
      • 730 02 Swan lake (Choreographic work : Ivanov and Petipa)


  • Catalog similar to operas:
  • Call numbers: usually M1500 or M1527
  • Add 650 Musicals (this is not a genre heading)
  • Add 655 Musical films or Filmed musicals; or Musical television programs or Televised musicals

Popular/Rock Music Videos

  • Musical groups (generally): give names of performers in 511, but trace only the musical group
  • Add 650 Popular music (or Rock music)$z [Country] &y [date]
  • Add 655 Concert films or Rock concert films (if appropriate)
  • Add 655 Music videos:
    • For MTV-type videos, either singles or collections (Occasionally, a music video may include portions of a filmed performance. Do not add Concert films to the record in this situation)
    • Even if the main feature is a straightforward film of the performance, add the 655 Music videos if it includes 1 or more complete MTV-like music videos (e.g., as a bonus feature)
  • Add 655 xxx language films if music/soundtrack is in a language other than English.

Performances of Musical Works

(1 or more composers)

  • Title main entry
  • 518: always add date of performance
    • Example
      • Recorded on Aug. 20, 1997, Radio City Music Hall, New York, N.Y.
      • Filmed at a production on . . .
  • 700: composer & $t
    • Example:
      • 700 12 Nielsen, Carl,|d1865-1931.|tSymphonies.

Subject headings

Decide: Is the video a music performance (needs 'performance headings'), or is it about the music -- or both?

► Performance heading examples (650 field, not 655, except for Opera, Ballet, Zarzuela -- add both 650 & 655 for those)

  • Jazz
  • Piano music (jazz)
  • Symphonies
  • Popular music
  • Operas
  • Ballet
  • Zarzuelas

► Subject headings (the video is "about" the subject)

  • Add $x History and criticism.
  • Example: 650 0 Reggae--History and criticism
  • Do not add a music genre without $x unless these live performances are substantial. See record b1818926x (Miles Davis) for an example of a documentary that has both substantial documentary and substantial live performance to merit both kinds of headings.

► Genre headings (655) : Add when appropriate

  • Concert films
  • Rock concert films
  • Musical films
  • Music videos
  • Filmed [musicals, operas, ballets, dance, etc.] = recorded performances of live events; considered Nonfiction
  • Televised [musicals, operas, ballets, dance, etc.]= cinematic works; considered Fiction
  • Documentary films [etc.]

► Genre subdivisions:

  • $v Drama (operas/ballet)
  • $v Songs and music (for non-dramatic work)

► Subject headings for local recordings of Middlebury performances (add as appropriate):

  • 610 20 Middlebury College $x Faculty $x Performances
  • 655   0 Faculty authors [so users can find anything by faculty, whether written or performed]


Most DVDs:

  • Item Location: mmbd
  • I-type: 11 (DVD)
  • Call # : post-it on front of container

DVDs that do not circulate as browsing media (Expensive/rare/special DVDs):

  • Item Location: mmcd
  • I-type: 9 (DVD @ circ)
  • Call # : post-it on front of container
  • Green slip: Media

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