Music searching tips

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Looking for a specific piece of music? Here are some tips to help you find it using MIDCAT.

  • Start with a KEYWORD search.
  • Enter as much information as you can, including instrumentation, key, work number, etc. For example, "mozart and violin sonata" yields 66 results. "Mozart and violin and sonata and 454" yields 3 results.
  • If you are looking for a CD, use "compact" as one of your keywords in your search. Alternatively, you can limit your search from the drop-down menu to "Middlebury music recordings".
  • Looking for a music score (sheet music)? After your initial search, click the "Modify search" button near the top left of the screen. Once there, click "Music Scores" in the "Material type" box in the middle fo the page and re-submit the search.
  • Look carefully at the location of a score once you find one you want: Music Mini Scores are the first aisles of the M section and these are very small print scores, usually for full orchestra. Music Large Scores are oversized scores and are found in the special wooden shelving unit located within the M2 call number range.
  • Please note that M2-M3 call number scores are library-use only and do not circulate.