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*Refer to Innovative User Manual for detailed Inn-Reach and Mill Circ policies and procedures
*Processing by supervisors and closely supervised students
*Returnables contact information is available on the NExpress (internal) wiki
*Keep incoming and outgoing NExpress separate during all stages of processing
*Link to [http://nexpress.iii.com/screens/about/index.html NExpress User Documentation]
*Link to [http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/lis/about/library_info/departments/interlibrary_loan_department/borrowing/nexpress/nexpress.htm Midd ILL page NExpress info]
*NExpress Wiki: internal wiki for NExpress libraries - hosted by Williams. The [http://libweb.williams.edu/nexpress/index.php/Main/HomePage NExpress wiki ]is password protected - see Midd systems for password information
==== Schedule of regular NExpress processing  ====
*Sunday through Friday, once daily, additionally as needed.
*Daily - ILL Staff generates Inn-Reach paging slips; fax slips to Armstrong; Davis Family Circ back-up in the absence of ILL; deliver to the Davis Family Lending Office 250H for sorting and processing
*On weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and in the absence of ILL Lending staff, Circ will page Nexpress requests; ILL requests will be left on the lending processing table for ILL staff to process;
*Proposed processing time – throughout the day in order to meet pack and ship deadline (usually 3 – 5 pm); Saturday and Sunday – processing can be done anytime for Monday packing and shipping
*ILL will alert Circ staff to upcoming absences and request support from Circ as far in advance as possible
*For unexpected absences – Circ will be notified by phone or email to Library Circulation mailbox
*Extra support by Circ may not be possible during peak Circ times
*Due to staffing patterns, NExpress requests for Armstrong items that are sent to branches on Friday through Sunday may not be delivered to Davis Family until Monday. Items will be delivered to Davis Family as soon as possible on Monday morning
==== Lending – Outgoing  ====
Processing requests sent TO Middlebury from other libraries - Borrower from other NExpress library places request through web for a Midd item
*Log in to Mill Circ Notice System To generate paging slips
*Place blue paper in printer
*Midd should be bulleted
*Sort By: item type & call # field; save (makes it easier to retrieve if in call # order)
*Select and print Inn-Reach paging slips, use 'LIB250blue' printer
*Collect slips from Lib250c, ILL printer
*Keep in call number order
*Sort slips by holding location – Davis Family, Armstrong
*Place INN-Reach slips with Davis Family holding location (in folder on the side) on the red NExpress cart
*Fax paging slips with Armstrong holding locations to Armstrong - MARK with an F
*Once faxed, recycle Armstrong paging slips
*Check for ILL paging slips in the orange bin by the fax – and fax along with other paging slips
*Do not send printouts to branches in courier bins - unless there is a problem with faxing 
*NOTE: During recess periods there may be times when the branches are closed (and fax machines turned off) and Davis Family Library is open; fax paging slips the next day the branches are open again. Save paging slips in the orange paging slip file bin – located next to the Main copier in the ILL work area.
*Refer any requests for Gov Doc microforms to ILL
Branch Circ:
*Check fax for paging slips every morning and as needed during the day Mon – Fri - Retrieve requested materials
*Insert paging slips in items as they are retrieved
*If not found on shelf – cancel request (in Mill Circ – Search/Hold Mode)
*Band and check-out in NExpress Deliver to Davis Family - Red NExpress cart
*Use courier bins if necessary for next day delivery to Davis Family - wrap with NExpress outgoing warning label so they do not mistakenly get checked in at Davis Family (which will delete the request in the NExpress system)<br>
*ILL will retrieve; Davis Family Circ back-up
*Page materials and insert paging slips
*Browsing DVD's - retrieve case; pull DVD from sleeve; visually inspect for damage; clean/scan only if needed; insert in case; deliver to ILL Lending Office
*Fold NEXPRESS notice lengthwise (name of patron face out) and place inside book or item
*Deliver all paged items to Lending Table in the ILL Lending Office for sorting to appropriate carts by an ILL supervisor
*ILL - processed by ILL
*NExpress - processed by ILL (with CIrc as back-up)
*If not found on shelf, write “NOS” on paging slip and give directly to Circ supervisor to cancel request (in Mill Circ – Search/Hold Mode)
*Fri afternnoon, evening and weekends – retrieve NExpress, ILL and Midd requests as staffing and activity levels allow
ILL (and Davis Family Circ in the absence of ILL staff)
*NExpress requests (returnables) Use designated processing cart
*Process away from front desk activity
*Band all items
*Fill out blue NExpress band with name of requestor in the section “Patron” and circle requesting library in the section “Send to”
*Band item - tape paging slip (patron name and requesting library face up) to blue band, wrap around book and secure tightly with tape
*Never tape NExpress band directly to book
*Check out in the Inn-Reach Mode (mode available in the mxcircsu login)
*Pop up message will confirm check-out – “send book to above patron at X institution – item has status NExpress paged and has been cleared”
*Click OK
*Place nose down on cart to indicate checked-out status
*Screen will display the most recent item scanned
*SCAN ONLY ONCE – if you scan the item barcode twice you will cancel the request
*If you get the message – this item has no hold – check that the barcode matches
*For CD’s – fold and tape paging slip to the smaller version of the blue NExpress slip; tape both to the outside of the case; do not tape the case closed&nbsp;
*Deliver to red NExpress cart; and sort to correct borrowing library section for mailing/shipping
*Return processing cart to ILL Lending Office
ILL: Sunday – Friday or daily as ILL staffing allows Ship: Monday – Friday morning only – no shipping on Sat and Sunday
*ILL: Sunday – Friday or daily as ILL staffing allows
*Materials being unpacked: Returns of Midd materials that have been loaned to other libraries by Midd and incoming borrowing to Midd from other libraries will be unpacked together – both will have blue NExpress bands
*Sort arriving Nexpress requests (borrowing) separately from Midd returns (lending)
==== Lending – Returns  ====
ILL - Unpack and sort (boxes come from libraries with mix of ILL and Nexpress materials; incoming loans for Midd and returns to Midd)
'''Check in returns''' ILL Lending will check in and process to returns carts/areas at Davis Family OR deliver to Circ returns area on "Nexpress Returns" cart for check-in by Circ - refer to a Circ supervisor Check-in Process:
*Remove Blue NExpress bands (and recycle)
*In Mill Circ - check-in mode
*Scan barcode - message will say” Item has status OFF CAMPUS and has been cleared”
*Click on OK
*Items for transit to branches – no need to print transit slip, unless to be held for another borrower
*Sort to re-shelving areas and branch hold/transit shelves
*Return cart to ILL area
==== Borrowing  ====
Requests FROM Middlebury users to other libraries;&nbsp; Midd borrower initiates request; request processed at lending library; request sent via UPS to Middlebury
*Unpack: Sunday – Friday or daily as ILL staffing allows
*NOTE! Materials being unpacked: Returns of Midd materials that have been loaned by Midd and incoming borrowing to Midd from other libraries will be unpacked together – both will have blue NExpress bands Need to insure that each is sorted to correct area – and processed correctly
*Sort arriving Nexpress requests (borrowing) separately from Midd returns (lending)
*In Mill Circ Check-in Mode Type “b” in barcode field <br>
*Scan item barcode <br>
*Stamp check-in date on the blue NExpress band in the section “Date received at borrowing institute”
*Separate Armstrong pick-up items and band together&nbsp;
*Deliver to Circ area on cart with ILL incoming borrowing
Davis Family Circ:
*Shelve on hold shelf alpha by borrower’s last name
*Place books with Armstrong pickup on the Armstrong courier shelf
*Intershelve NExpress items on hold shelf with ILL and Midd requests
*Return cart to ILL work area
*After the item has been scanned @ Circ the borrower receives a notice that the item is ready for pick-up
*Check in all NExpress items that come in the bin (type b before the barcode)
*Place on hold shelf alpha by borrower's last name&nbsp;
==== Check-out of NExpress  ====
Midd borrower picks up item
*Checks out to borrower in Mill Circ
*Scan borrower ID
*Type “b” in barcode field
*Scan item barcode
*Write or stamp due date on blue NExpress band in the section “Date Due”
*Up to 3 renewals allowed - refer additional renewal requests to Circulation Manager
*Do not override past 3 renewals
*No renewals on media
==== Returns  ====
CHECK-IN - return to lending library
*In Mill Circ Check-in Mode Type “b” in barcode field
*Scan item barcode
*Message “…item belongs to x library and has status ILL/NEXP RET’D
*Click on Check-in button
*Click on NO for option to print transit slip – transit slip is not necessary - UNLESS the blue band is missing
*Place on ILL returns cart, Status: ILL/NEXP RET’D<br>
*Stamp date on blue NExpress band in the section “Checked in from patron”
*Deliver NExpress items to red NExpress cart and sort to correct library holding area on the cart
*Deliver ILL returns to ILL return carts in ILL work area
*Verify that all sections of the blue band have been filled out
*If returned to the branches – check-in @ branch; deliver (or send in courier bin) to ILL/NExpress returns cart at Davis Family Circ (for double check-in by Davis Family Circ staff
ILL: Sunday – Friday or daily as ILL staffing allows Ship: Monday – Friday morning only – no shipping on Saturday and Sunday Returns will be packed and shipped with outgoing lending requests
==== Reports and troubleshooting and quality control  ====
*Check for problems and requests that did not generate paging slips – weekly
*Check for items with "arrived" date older than 1 week (did not get checked in accurately)
*Weekly: Print Inn-Reach hold shelf report – pull items from shelf; in the INN-Reach mode – in the “return item” button – scan item barcodes – then deliver to red NExpress cart
*Weekly: Too long reports (returned; in transit; received)
*Monthly: Inn-Reach overdue report
*Twice a year: NExpress reconciliation STATISTICS
*NExpress stats – Mill web stats Daily paging activity
==== Pick-up notices  ====
*Will be generated automatically at 5 am
*Supervisors can choose to send pick-up notices manually as needed
==== Cancel a NExpress ====
*Search for the item in Search/Hold mode.
*Open the record, click on the hold tab:  1 item –Level Hold
*Select the NExpress hold from the list, and click the ‘Cancel Holds’ button.
*Change the status to ‘Missing.’
*Then select the reason for cancellation from the list provided:  'Item not on shelf'
*Click ‘OK’ to complete cancellation.
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