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'''Nasuni Web Access''' is a new tool that provides access to Middfiles and Miisfiles <u>without </u>the need for a VPN connection.
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Please note that'''<u>you cannot edit and save directly to files</u>''' using this method; you should download your file(s) then upload the revised version(s).
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[[Category:File Servers]]
== Basic Instructions ==
#Visit '''[http://go.middlebury.edu/webaccess http://go.middlebury.edu/webaccess]'''.<br/> &nbsp;
#Login in with your Middlebury email address (''username@middlebury.edu'' format) and password.&nbsp; You will see the main server folders to which you have access, similar to the image shown here:<br/> <br/> [[File:NWA main.png|RTENOTITLE]]<br/> &nbsp;
#Click on the desired server folder to open it, then click as needed on sub-folders to display their contents.&nbsp; '''CLASSES '''and '''ORGS '''(for department shared folders) are the most commonly-used upper-level folders.<br/> &nbsp;
#Although '''you cannot work on files directly using Web Access''', you can...
#*Click a file name to '''view '''it (for file types where a preview is available).
#*Click <u>beside</u> a file or folder name to select that entire row, then use the toolbar at top right to perform a variety of common tasks:<br/> <br/> [[File:NWA Download.png|RTENOTITLE]]&nbsp;- '''Download''' the selected file(s).<br/> <br/> [[File:NWA Get internal link.png|RTENOTITLE]]&nbsp;- Get an internal '''link '''to share.<br/> <br/> [[File:NWA Delete.png|RTENOTITLE]]&nbsp;- '''Delete '''the selected file(s).<br/> <br/> [[File:NWA View Details.png|RTENOTITLE]]&nbsp;- '''View details '''about the selected file.<br/> &nbsp;
#*If you make changes to a file you downloaded, you can use the '''Upload Files''' button [[File:NWA Upload files.png|RTENOTITLE]]to store your new version.&nbsp; '''Note:&nbsp;''' You will need to refresh the page to see any changes.<br/> &nbsp;
#*You can also use the toolbar to perform general '''file management''' tasks:<br/> <br/> [[File:NWA Sort.png|RTENOTITLE]] - Change the '''sort''' order.<br/> <br/> [[File:NWA Add folder.png|RTENOTITLE]] - Add a '''new folder'''. 
== Uploading Files ==
Click the Upload Files icon [[File:NWA Upload files.png]] to open the following dialog box:
Drag and drop files or click to choose.<span>&nbsp;If you're attempting to upload a large file, please use&nbsp;[https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/index.html Chrome] or [https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/ Firefox] for the best results.</span>
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