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Nasuni Web Access is a new tool that provides access to Middfiles and Miisfiles without the need for a VPN connection.

Please note that you cannot edit and save directly to files using this method; you should download your file(s) then upload the revised version(s).

Basic Instructions

  1. Visit http://go.middlebury.edu/webaccess.
  2. Login in with your Middlebury email address (username@middlebury.edu format) and password.  You will see the main server folders to which you have access, similar to the image shown here:

  3. Click on the desired server folder to open it, then click as needed on sub-folders to display their contents.  CLASSES and ORGS (for department shared folders) are the most commonly-used upper-level folders.
  4. Although you cannot work on files directly using Web Access, you can...
    • Click a file name to view it (for file types where a preview is available).
    • Click beside a file or folder name to select that entire row, then use the toolbar at top right to perform a variety of common tasks:

      RTENOTITLE - Download the selected file(s).

      RTENOTITLE - Get an internal link to share.

      RTENOTITLE - Delete the selected file(s).

      RTENOTITLE - View details about the selected file.
    • If you make changes to a file you downloaded, you can use the Upload Files button RTENOTITLEto store your new version.  Note:  You will need to refresh the page to see any changes.
    • You can also use the toolbar to perform general file management tasks:

      RTENOTITLE - Change the sort order.

      RTENOTITLE - Add a new folder.


Uploading Files - Details

  1. Click the Upload Files icon RTENOTITLE to open the following dialog box:
  2. Drag and drop your files directly onto the designated area, OR you may click the Choose Files button to navigate to then select files using your folder structure. 
    • NOTE:  Use Chrome or Firefox for best results to upload large files.
  3. If you additional files to upload, click the Add More button OR simply drag the additional files onto the designated area.
  4. Click Done when you are finished.
    • IMPORTANT!  Refresh your browser's window to see the results of your uploads; the screen does not refresh automatically!


Navigation - Details


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