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In June 1963, a group of perspective Peace Corps Volunteers - 40 young American men - arrived at the University of Oregon for training as rural community development workers in the royal kingdom of Nepal. Using gathered photographs, insights and anecdotes, PCV Nepal Online will show how Nepal has changed over the last 45 years.



  • David Rosenberg, Professor of Political Science


Media and Tools

Scan Photos

Original photos are available as 35m slides. A Nikon Slide Scanner and ''insert software'' was used to digitize the slides at 1200dpi. The tifs were collected and stored on Muskrat, in the following directory hierarchy:

  • Name of Collection of Pages
    • Name of Page

Some slides have notes written on them. These notes are included in the file name.

Touch up work (cropping, alignment, color correction, etc.) was done in Photoshop. The final images were saved as high resolution jpegs.

Organize Images

Jpeg versions of the photos were added to a Flickr account, NepalPCV. Name, a description, and general tags were added during the upload. Specific tags are being added on an ongoing basis by David and the other members of the Peace Corp group.

Build an Online Presence

PCV Nepal uses Middlebury's installation of Mediawiki as a platform for viewing the images in the context of the stories being told.

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