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You can use NetStorage to access your files on the Middlebury server, from anywhere in the world. NetStorage lets you access Home, Classes, Orgs, and other folders the same way that you normally would be able to access them.

NetStorage works on any type of computer and with all standard browsers, so you can use it to access your files even if you are having technical problems connecting to Middfiles.

Open NetStorage

  1. Open your favorite internet browser.
  2. In the address bar, type in go.middlebury.edu/files. (If you're on campus, you can shorten this to just go/files.) Press enter to load the webpage.
  3. A login window will appear asking for your username and password. Enter these in the same way as if you were entering them in to access Webmail.
    • (Note that your username does NOT include the "@middlebury.edu" part of your email address.)
  4. Click OK button.PNG.
  5. The NetStorage window will open. By default it looks something like this:
    NetStorage graphic 1.PNG

Using NetStorage

  • Use the + signs and folder names in the left pane to jump to different folders that you have access to.
  • Double-click on any folder in the right pane to go inside that folder.
  • Click Get next to any file to download that file. (Or right-click on a file to get more options.)
  • Single-click on any folder or file to select it.
    • You can select multiple folders / files: select the first one, then hold down SHIFT and select the last one.
  • You can use the mini menu bar inside the Netstorage screen (not your browser menu bar!) to rename, delete, copy, or cut and paste anything that you currently have selected.
  • Use the Download/Upload menu to upload files into the folder you are currently looking at in the right-hand pane.
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