Network Storage for Specialized Software Applications

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As we move to eliminate Middfiles "home" directories, we expect that for most use cases, Google Drive and OneDrive will work well. However, we recognize that for students using complex software applications in the labs to work with projects and datasets that are either very large or require working with a number of files at once, downloading and uploading these files to the Web every time may be impractical. For these specialized cases, we have created a new file share called Snowleopard.

How does this work?

A separate folder on Snowleopard, not on Middfiles, gives students a network location for their specialized application files. Please note that this space will only be available until the end of each semester, after which the work area will be deleted. Students who want to retain their work at the end of the semester should be sure to move it into a cloud-based location (Google Drive or OneDrive) promptly at the end of the semester.

  • To connect from a Windows computer, follow these instructions and use the address \\snowleopard.middlebury.edu\work-dirs (also included in the examples on that page.) Then navigate to your individual folder.
  • To connect from a Mac computer, follow these instructions and use the address cifs://snowleopard.middlebury.edu/work-dirs (also included in the examples on that page.) Then navigate to your individual folder.

What is this specialized storage NOT appropriate for?

  • Notes, essays, PDFs, reference images, audio tracks, presentations, and other routine documents and files. These should be kept in a student's OneDrive or Google Drive, where they can be easily accessed from anywhere, and edited online in the case of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Long-term projects. If a student and faculty member are working together on a project that requires specialized software and network storage, but may take more than one semester, they should submit a request to the Helpdesk for a folder on Special Projects.

How do I request access to this new space?

Faculty who are teaching a course where you expect your students to be doing this kind of work should fill out this form. Individual students to whom this is applicable should bring this to the appropriate faculty member's attention.

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