Network Storage for Specialized Software Applications

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As we move to eliminate Middfiles "home" directories, we expect that for most use cases, Google Drive and OneDrive will work well. However, we recognize that for students using complex software applications in the labs to work with projects and datasets that are either very large or require working with a number of files at once, downloading and uploading these files to the Web every time may be impractical. For these specialized cases there is a folder named WORKSPACE in the root of each course folder under the Middfiles hierarchy.

What is this specialized storage NOT appropriate for?

  • Notes, essays, PDFs, reference images, audio tracks, presentations, and other routine documents and files. These should be kept in a student's OneDrive or Google Drive, where they can be easily accessed from anywhere, and edited online in the case of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Long-term projects. If a student and faculty member are working together on a project that requires specialized software and network storage, but may take more than one semester, they should submit a request to the Helpdesk for a folder on Special Projects.
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