Network Troubleshooting

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Important to find out: Is just one person having a problem, or are multiple people losing connectivity? Is a whole building down?

Rogue Servers and entire building losing connectivity

  • Note that one person calling with connection issues doesn’t mean the whole building is down. Ask the customer if anyone else is having the same issue. Generally we need a few calls to consider the issue to be building wide.
  • Talk to someone in SR at once. Still make tickets assigned to SR.
  • If this happens after 5pm, check “SNS After Hours” (it’s a Public Folder/Calendar in Outlook) and call the person listed there. Be prepared to give all the information you would put in a ticket. Still make a ticket and indicate that you have contacted someone, if that’s true.

Troubleshooting tips for single computers

Network Troubleshooting - Windows

Network Troubleshooting - Mac OS X

I've put this troubleshooting page at the top level, as it is likely to be the most frequently used troubleshooting page. --Mitrevski, Petar 13:20, 11 July 2008 (EDT)