Network Troubleshooting

Important to find out: Is just one person having a problem, or are multiple people losing connectivity? Is a whole building down?

Rogue Servers and/or entire building losing connectivity

  1. Note that one person calling with connection issues doesn’t mean the whole building is down. Ask the customer if anyone else is having the same issue. Generally we need a few calls to consider the issue to be building wide.
  2. Talk to someone in SR immediately. Also make a ticket assigned to SR.
  3. If this happens after 5pm, check “SNS After Hours” (it’s a Public Folder/Calendar in Outlook) and call the person listed there. Be prepared to give all the information you would put in a ticket. Still make a ticket and indicate whether you have contacted someone about the problem.

Troubleshooting tips for single computers

Network Troubleshooting - Windows

Network Troubleshooting - Mac OS X

I've put this troubleshooting page at the top level, as it is likely to be the most frequently used troubleshooting page. --Mitrevski, Petar 13:20, 11 July 2008 (EDT)