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New Employee Guide

Where To Get Computing Help

The Technology Helpdesk in the Davis Family Library is regularly staffed to provide assistance with your computing needs. For assistance faculty and staff can…

  • Call our Helpdesk at 443-2200 or send e-mail to helpdesk@middlebury.edu for assistance Monday through Friday from 8:15 am to 4:00 pm.
  • Drop by the walk-in Technology Helpdesk located in Suite 202 on the main level of the Davis Family Library.
  • Use the go/helpdesk shortcut to view our web site containing alerts and updates, on-line computing “How-to” guides, technology learning opportunities and more.

Using the handy Go Utility

Navigating Middlebury's website is easy using our GO utility; simply type a GO instruction in the Address field of any web browser, then press the Enter key.  For example, type go/helpdesk then press Enter to view the Helpdesk's web site.  (Note:   Using GO from off-campus works differently; for this instruction you would need to type go.middlebury.edu/helpdesk.)

To view a list of all the available GO shortcuts, just type go.  You can even make your own!  Use go/goinfo to learn more.

Technology Learning Opportunities

There are a number of ways faculty and staff may acquire or improve their technical skills -- send email to helpdesk@middlebury.edu to request further details: 

  • The College now offers self-paced online training through lynda.com's video-based courses.  Visit go/lyndainfo to get started.  
  • LIS offers a number of open technology workshops throughout the academic year.  Employees are invited to attend free of charge. Use go/lisworkshops to view our current list of on-campus workshops and sign up. Group workshops can be arranged by request, time and resources permitting.
  • Employees may be eligible to attend free or discounted workshops off-site at KnowledgeWave in South Burlington.  Use go/kwavesched to view their current schedule. 

Computing Tips And Recommendations

  • Save all documents in folders on the College's servers. They are secure, backed up by technical staff, and accessible from any networked computer on campus and from off campus using any Internet Service Provider (ISP). Staff members have personal storage folders located on \middfiles\home; departmental storage folders are located on \middfiles\orgs. Folders on Middfiles can be accessed from off-campus using VPN or using a web browser via NetStorage. Use go/offcampus to learn more.
  • Save your work at least every 5-10 minutes; it is better to lose only a few minutes of work than the entire document.  
  • Call the Helpdesk at 443-2200 to request recovery of a document stored on a server. In many cases they may be able to help you recovery the document yourself.
  • Protect your computer by keeping it up to date. Install critical operating system updates as soon as they are available.  Run full scans using anti-virus software every two weeks.  Visit go/itsecurity for more information and resources.

Public Computing Facilities

If you do not have a computer on your desk you can go to any computing lab on campus. The locations (which are not available during scheduled classes) are listed below; hours vary and are posted on the lab doors and on the web.  A wide variety of software is available on our public computers but offerings differ depending on the location. CD drives (in all labs) and scanners (in selected labs) are available for your use.  Visit go/findapc to help you determine which location meets your needs.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Lab protection software deletes all non-essential files from the hard drives of the computers in our public labs!  If you save your files to the local hard drive in a public lab, be sure to copy them to your Middfiles folder before you finish your computing session.

Windows Computers Apple Computers

Bicentennial Hall, Rooms 116, 117 and 161
Davis Family Library, Rooms 105, 140, and various study carrels
Munroe Hall, Room 214
Sunderland Language Center, ILC3 and Rooms 121 and 202

Davis Family Library, Room 220 (Media lab) and various study carrels
Axinn Center, Room 105


What You Can Do On The Network?

All office and public computers are on the network. On them you can:

Set Your BannerWeb PIN

Visit go/bw and provide your 8-digit College ID number and your birthdate in MMDDYY format to log in the first time. You will be forced to set a new 6-digit BannerWeb PIN and select a Security Question. BannerWeb is the only product on campus that requires numeric codes for identification of legitimate users.

Find Your Campus-wide Username And Set Your Passwords

Visit go/activate and provide your 8-digit College ID number and your BannerWeb PIN to identify yourself.  Follow the on-screen instructions and set a password for your Exchange email and access to file server folders on Middfiles. Your email address is in the format username@middlebury.edu

Connect To The Middfiles File Server

On a Macintosh:

1. Click on the Go menu in the Finder, then select Connect to Server.
2. In the Server Address field, type the server address: afp://middfiles.middlebury.edu/middfiles.
3. Click Connect. Provide your username and the password you set using the Activate utility to connect.

On a PC:

Double-click the Computer (or My Computer) desktop icon. If these icons are not present, press the Windows key + E to open Windows Explorer.  Look for connections to middfiles in the window that opens; staff members will typically find at least two:

  • Middfiles\home is used to store personal files or work that is not shared with others.
  • Middfiles\orgs stores files that are shared by members of your department.

Instructions are available on how you can store and retrieve files on Middbury servers:

  • Visit go/fileserverinfo for complete instructions. Look for the End User Guides as good starting point for connection and usages specifics.
  • Be sure to review the Netstorage instructions as well.  They cover how you can easily access your files using a web browser -- very useful when away from your office.

Connect To A Networked Printer

Networked computers are connected to at least one networked printer.  The Print dialog box will display the printer name to which your print request will be directed, typically in a format indicating the location, such as MNR213 on Bombay which would be located in Munroe Hall, room 213.

Connect To The World Wide Web Using A Web Browser

On a Macintosh: Go to your Dock and launch Firefox or Safari Web browser.
On a PC: Launch the Internet Explorer Web browser.

Middlebury’s web site at http://www.middlebury.edu/ provides numerous links to campus information, publications, and events, as well as to library and research resources. You can also:

  • Use the Go utility to navigate the Middlebury website.   
  • Use Quick Links located on the bottom edge of most Middlebury College web pages to access the College directory, technology help, Webmail and more.
  • Use Favorites to mark sites you wish to return to later.
  • Use the File menu to Print pages.

Use Electronic Mail

All College employees have an Exchange account with email, address book, calendar, and task list features with a point-and-click interface. We support access to this account using Outlook 2007 (PC), 2010 (PC), 2011 (Mac), and WebMail. Outlook works best when you are connected to the Middlebury network.  There are a variety of online video-based courses available to help you learn about these e-mail programs; visit go/lyndainfo to get started.

All employees may access their mail using a web browser on- or off-campus using the WebMail Quick Link located at the bottom of most Middlebury College web pages.  Visit go/webmailqr to view our quick reference guide.


Library Services

All employees may make full use of Middlebury library services and collections. Your College ID card doubles as your library card.To view the library homepage, visit go/library. For hours, see go/hours.


Library Branches:

Davis Family Library (main library) 110 Storrs Avenue
Armstrong Library (science) McCardell Bicentennial Hall (enter on 2nd floor)


Loan Periods

Middlebury College’s libraries provide materials on loan to support the academic, professional, and personal interests of the entire community.

Staff loan periods are as follows:

Material Loan Period Renewals

Books or other printed circulating items

Videos/DVD's from Browsing Collection

  28 days

  3 days



Recordings (Music CD's)

Musical scores (sheet music)

Restricted Videos/DVD's (behind the Circulation Desk)

  14 days

  28 days

  4 hours; in-house only




  For faculty and other users, see go/loanperiods

Where to Get Library Help

For research help from a librarian, call 443-5496 or visit go/askus for other options.

For borrowing help (questions about items you have checked out, etc.), call the Davis Family Library Circulation Desk at 443-5494.

For questions about other services, see our contacts page for contact information for our various departments and services, or go to http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/lib/depts.

Have other questions and don't know who to contact? 

  • For anyone, if you aren't sure who to ask or if you have an immediate need and are unable to get hold of someone, call the Davis Family Library Circulation Desk at 443-5494, during library hours http://go/hours or the Technology Help Desk 443-2200.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Visit go/ill to request books, journal and newspaper articles, musical scores, audio-visual materials, sound recordings, loans of microfilm or microfiche from libraries around the world!  Loan periods are set by the lending library.

Requesting Library Materials and using NExpress

If someone else has borrowed an item you need or you would like a book listed as available held for you, you can use the Request button or the Place Request link in Midcat (the library catalog) http://go/midcat. If the book is checked out, the item will be “recalled” and the borrower will be requested to return the item within one week. Before requesting an item that is already checked out, look for the item in NExpress in case it is available from one of seven other New England Libraries with whom we have special arrangements. You can request items directly through NExpress and they typically arrive within two to four days. Just use the Search NExpress link in Midcat which appears when a search of Midcat fails or use http://go/nexpress. If you need materials immediately, check with a librarian to see if they can find another resource that meets your needs.












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