Notices in Millennium

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Midd Paging - Summer sessions only

  • Repeat above procedure selecting "Item Paging Slips" (during the summer when requesting of available items is turned on.)
  • Blue paper is not needed - can be printed to the circ printer.
  • Retrieve items listed on paging slips (fax those at Armstrong to Armstrong for retrieval)
  • Check in items - print hold slip and place on holdshelf OR put in transit and place in bin to Davison as needed.
  • Bin remains at the circ desk until the BL courier calls from downstairs - do not take bins to the loading dock.

Items requested for pickup at Mills - Summer session only 

  • Any paging slip with a pickup location of Mills should follow this procedure
  • If item is not on shelf, give slip to ILL staff who will create an ILL request and mark the item missing in Millennium.
  • If the book is found, bring the book and paging slip to ILL staff who will take it from there.


  • Select other notice types as needed to generate notices manually
  • Prepare manual notices – hourly; pick-up and cancellation; recalls; bills and fines; to notify borrower as needed
  • When finished with all notices and paging, click on "close" icon again; "save new job?"- click on "no" - do not save new job; exit/close mill circ session
  • Auto notices run at 5 am daily
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