Offline circ

General guidelines

  • Use Offline Circ If Millennium may be unavailable for an hour or more, or if you anticipate a lot of check-out activity. Use your judgment. :-)

The Offline client is available on 1 (one) computer at each branch.

  • Armstrong - on computer on your left as you are facing the desk (from the staff side)
  • Davis Family- on Circ computer # 4 (closest to the Davis Family front doors)
  • Davison- on the one and only


  • Click on the "Millennium Offline Circulation" on the desktop
  • Place cursor after the b and scan ID or type in patron ID number
  • Type in the due date (28 days for books, 14 days for CDs, today's date for reserves, etc.)  Must be in MM-DD-YYYY format.
  • Indicate Y for hourly or N for regular loan
  • Scan the item barcode
  • Scan additional barcodes for additional items or click "new patron" for a new patron

NOTE:  The first time you run the program:
     1. Go to View > Preferences and enter your statistics group (Davis Family=100, Armstrong=200, Music=300, Davison=400, Ilsley=500)
     2. Uncheck the box labeled Check for barcode validity


  • Offline circ data must be uploaded to system BEFORE online circ resumes. Follow steps as detailed in III documentation page #100147 and summarized here:


  • Check that the server is running. Test this by starting Millennium Circulation and logging in; you will not be able to log in if the server is not available.
  • From the File menu of the OFFLINE circ module, choose the Upload circulation and patron data option.
  • Millennium Offline Circulation prompts you to check that the server can accept data. If you were able to log into Millennium Circulation in step 1, choose Yes.
  • Millennium Offline Circulation connects to the server and uploads the PC's patron.dat and circ.dat files to the character-based system. When it is finished, Millennium Offline Circulation displays the number of uploaded circulation transactions and patron registrations.
  • Erase the files on the PC so that the same information cannot be uploaded again. Millennium Offline Circulation prompts you to erase the files after uploading them. You can also erase the files using the File | Erase circulation transactions or File | Erase patron transactions command.
  • Alert Library Systems staff that offline circ has been used. They will load the data into Millennium using the SSH interface. Do not start regular, online circulation until uploading is complete

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