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Not sure what's causing this. Our vendor is looking into it. The quick workaround is to add *.middlebury.edu to the trusted sites (see next secion "Making IE more compatible with hyperion"). Using this workaround IE will let you install Hyperion. Otherwise, here's things to try:
* Clear the SSL cache in Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer => Tools => Internet Options => click on the Content tab, then click "Clear SSL state").
* Check the date on the computer. If the date is incorrect, the computer may think that the certificate has expired. Correct the date and try again.
* Visit http://update.microsoft.com and review the optional updates. There may be a "root certificates" update that has not been installed. Reboot after installing that and try again.
* Clear temp files (Internet Explorer => Tools => Internet Options => on the main/general tab click "Delete Files" or "Delete" (when prompted put a checkmark next to "all files").

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