Online Databases: Adding New Titles to SubjectsPlus & Midcat

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  1. When a newly purchased database is licensed and ready for access by Middlebury users, Subscriptions/E-Resource Coordinator (Arabella) notifies: Electronic Services Librarian (Bryan Carson), designated cataloging staff (Michael Warner, Richard Jenkins), and Head of Collections and Digital Initiatives (Rebekah Irwin). The coordinator also gives the active URL for new resource.
  2. Electronic Services Librarian ez-proxies the title and adds the database to SubsPlus, thus creating a persistent URL for MIDCAT records.
  3. Electronic Services Librarian then notifies the designated catalogers that the new DB is ezproxied and is in Subsplus.
  4. Head of Collections (?) notifies all Liaisons that the new database is in Subsplus
  5. Catalogers will import or create a MARC record & insert the PURL into the 856 field. (Michael will import & edit any appropriate existing OCLC records. He will notify Richard if a database needs a new record created)
  6. When appropriate, the Head of Collections (?) adds the new database to "What's New" and creates a blog post.
  7. Liaisons add the new databases to their Subject Guides as soon as possible.

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