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Administering Content

Log on by clicking the "Site Manager Log On" link and then hit the "Log In" button to proceed to the normal CAS login (or log in automatically if you're already logged into CAS on that browser).

Browse to the "Content" link in the menu bar at the top. Here you'll see a list of all content on the site sorted by updated date.

To see only unpublished content in need of moderation, you can filter content with the "SHOW ONLY ITEMS WHERE" filters. Choose "status" -> "no published" and hit "Filter". This will show you a list of unpublished content.

After reviewing this content you can choose what you'd like to do with it either using the "UPDATE OPTIONS" on this page, or by editing the individual piece of content and browsing to the "Publishing options" tab at the bottom. If you use the "UPDATE OPTIONS" you have the option of choosing multiple pieces of content and performing actions on them in bulk, such as checking the box in the table heading to select all items, and choosing to publish all unpublished content at once.

Creating Pages

To create a page chose "Add content" from the sub menu bar at the top of the screen. Choose "Basic page". Add a title and body content and hit "Save".

As a content admin your default text format should be "Content Admin". This text format will allow you to embed images.

To embed an image on the page:

Go to "FILES" and hit the "Browse" button. Find the file that you would like to add and select it. Hit the "Upload" button to upload it.

Once uploaded uncheck the check box under "DISPLAY" otherwise a link to the file will appear at the bottom of the page.

Now right click on the name of the file and choose "Copy Link Location". Go up to the WYSIWYG editor and hit the "Insert/Edit Image" button. Now paste the image URL you got earlier into the "Image URL" field and hit save. You should see your image appear.

Other options:

Menu Settings - You can check "Provide a menu link" to add this content to the main menu. Currently if you want to add the content to the sidebar menu, you'll need to do that through the "Menus" option under "Structure".

URL path settings - Specify the name of the page as it will appear in the address bar. I'd strongly recommend specifying this on any basic page content that you make. Example: The "Thank You" page's path is "thankyou".

Publishing Options - This content type defaults to "published" when saved so be sure to change this if you'd like the content to remain unpublished for now.

If you would like a teaser of this content to appear on the front page along with the biography content, choose "Promoted to front page". If you'd like it to always appear as the first item on the front page, also choose "Sticky at top of lists".

Adding items to the side bar menu:

Click on "Structure" on the menu bar at the top and choose "Menus". Find "Sidebar" on the list and click the "all link" link. Title the link, and now it where it will be useful if you've given a URL path to your page. Type this in the "Path" text box. Ex: "thankyou".

Review the other settings and hit "Save". You should see your link appear.


drush si (site install), run install.php

When setting up the live site, these items will need to be manually done.

  • Set the theme to Nexus.
  • Set site information.
  • Enable features module.
  • Enable reunion yearbook feature.
  • Check to see if overridden, if so revert components.
  • Add sidebar menu block to "sidebar first".
  • Remove navigation from "sidebar first".
  • Remove user logon from "sidebar first".
  • Manually create thank you page.

Title Thank You

Body: Thank you for submitting your biography. A moderator will review your submission and approve the content shortly.

URL alias: thankyou

  • Enable MIDD CAS settings feature. Assign users to content admin role. CN=Reunion_Yearbook
  • Configure Google Analytics.
  • Configure Rules: Edit "Send Mail" action and add email addresses to which the emails will be sent.
  • Set to not display errors: admin/config/development/logging 'Error messages to display' -> None.
  • Set caching to: Cache pages for anonymous users. Minimum cache lifetime -> 5-min. Bandwidth optimization -> Aggregate and compress CSS files and Aggregate JavaScript files.
  • Set up an alternate robots.txt via rewrite rules similar to this and disallow all for reunion site:

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www1\.example\.com$ [NC] RewriteRule ^robots\.txt$ robots_www1.txt [L]

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www2\.example\.com$ [NC] RewriteRule ^robots\.txt$ robots_www2.txt [L]

  • Create a text format called "Content Admin". Add to it the <img> tag.
  • Set wysiwyg profiles to use TinyMCE for "Content Admin" text format.
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