Opening Davis Family Library

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 15 minutes prior to opening
Check that light panel is on, located on your Right as you enter Circ area
KEYS (key to key drawer in master key cabinet)
Unlock key drawer and cash drawers(and locate all keys needed to unlock equipment etc)
Wipe phones, key board, mice with disinfectant wipes (can be done later as time allows)
Turn on all 3 front desk and returns area computers - log in: libcirc1/current password (pw changes every 6 months) and Millennium (mmcirc/mmcirc – initials are imbedded)
Computer No. 1 (supervisor computer) log in to mNotices (press Windows/N keys) and mmcircsu/mmcircsu (press Windows/M keys) (type in supervisor initials; pw changes every 6 months)
Computer No. 1 (supervisor computer) open Outlook to access guest password; check for stray departmental mail sent to wrong mailbox (forward to Lib Circ mailbox); delete previous day’s password
Computer No. 1 (supervisor computer) log in to Illiad Client (as needed)
Turn on 2 equipment area computers as needed to process equipment returns (one Dell, one iBook laptop): Use libcirc1 log in for Dell; use supervisor's personal username/password for iBook
CircComputer No. 1 Outlook - print out daily guest computing password - there is a template (Word doc on the desktop - go to Mailings tab, then Labels tab, then paste in password and click "new document")
Stays on (re-boot weekly)
Log on if needed after extended closed period
Check receipt paper supply
Logins (see Self-Check Manual)
Cleaning/maintenance (see Manual and weekly/monthly checklists)
Batch credit card machine (press purple "more" button; select "settlement" from the menu - see Cash/Credit page for details)
Check that message function is OFF
Unlock Bittner terrace during good weather and as requested
Main front doors open automatically. Contact Campus Safety x5911 with any problems
Verify that library hours signage at front and back doors is correct- especially before/after any change in hours

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