Operating System

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Space to enter info specific to OS version. How to map a drive? Other??


  • XP/2000
  • XP only
  • Vista only

Mac OS X

  • 10.5 +
  • earlier

--Burt, Nate 20:43, 17 July 2008 (EDT)


Call me an optimist but I foresee more and more Linux OS on campus each semester. What will we be dealing with?

  • Asus Eee subnotebook - has a specialized version of Xandros Linux customized for small screens and light portable usage. Has basic web programs, basic office programs, etc. Registering it on the network: does it have Eth port to go wired? Mac address can be found somewhere in the computer settings windows. Ask Haseeb.
  • Ubuntu, on various systems - so far I have seen 4 users using Ubuntu Linux, all on Dell laptops, all slightly (but not necessarily very) tech-savvy people. Ubuntu has a massive amount of community-generated documentation & support available, search for problem solutions w/ Google.
  • OS features:
    • Virus problems virtually nonexistent.
    • Very stable.
    • Biggest problem is often hardware compatability (drivers etc). This is improving steadily.


  • If user needs to use Windows applications but doesn't have Windows available, check the WINE application database[1] to see if that program is known to work well in WINE. WINE is an open source Windows compatability layer and has Linux and Mac installers available.

--Hunt, Christopher 09:00, 18 July 2008 (EDT)

Other OS

Any worth mentioning?