Ordering Replacement Parts under Warranty

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Can the Helpdesk order replacement parts for my Dell computer?

Faculty and Staff: Dell-certified technicians on campus can order parts & service for all computers purchased by the college from Dell. Please contact the Helpdesk if you need to order parts for your Dell computer.

Students: Students should contact Dell directly to order parts and service for their personal computers.  The Helpdesk may be able to provide some troubleshooting assistance with service issues, however.

International Service: Dell maintains phone numbers for International Support in many countries, as well as US numbers for International Support.  It is recommended that the contact be made by whomever is with the machine in question, to the number for the country they are in, as any service to that country will be dependent on reliable troubleshooting, accurate contact information, and an address where the system is located.  College-owned computers may require further verification of ownership - please contact the Helpdesk for more information about these systems.

Please visit Checking Warranty to obtain Dell's telephone numbers and find out how to check if your computer is covered under warranty.