Ordering procedures for vendors

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Aux Amateurs de Livres/AMAT

  • ftp orders (see How to ftp Our Vendors)


  • order directly from website: (www.casalini.it) : usual user name/password in vendor file Click on ORDERS drop down menu; choose QUICK ORDERS . enter isbn; our o100000x number and discr in boxes. Update after every entry and then finally SEND ORDER.

China Classics/CHIN

  • email orders to Wei Wang at (chinaclassics@yahoo.com) (see Email)


  • order directly from website: (www.esterum.com) : usual user name and pword


  • ftp orders (instructions below)

Livraria Cultura/LIV

usual username and pword

Middlebury College Store/MCS

  • email orders to Georgia Best (best@middlebury.edu) or Dean Leary (dleary@middlebury.edu)

Send titles, course and faculty information for each title; tell them LIBOOK 704820

New England Book /NEB

  • email orders to (nebs@together.net) (instructions below) Also, send historical society addresses with

HRaum orders that come through with them.

Puvill Libros/PUV

  • email orders to (info@puvill.com). Include our account number in your sign-off: 1058


acquisitions@middlebury.edu and usual pword

Vermont Book Shop/VBS

  • email orders to : (vtbook@sover.net) (instructions below) Also always say in email: "Middlebury College Library order; will be picked up"


  • ftp orders through GOBI. 1940-10 is our firm account number (Gobi instructions separate; ftp instructions below).

How to FTP Orders

1. Go to Send File on Millennium 2. Pull-down menu: purchase orders to FTP 3. Highlight/check off the titles to be FTP’d 4. Click ftp box 5. Choose “ftp selected” or "ftp all" if that is the case 6. Click “ftp” 7. Select correct vendor under “Host” a auxam.wmginfo.com for amat b ftp.harrassowitz.de for har c ftp.ybp.com for ybp 8. Click on “Connect” 9. Enter user and password and click OK a amat user: middlebury pword: md154z5 b har user: bookedi pword: bookedi c ybp user: middlebury pword: V1a#6f 10. For non-YBP orders, click the box to rename files upon transfer, and select ASCII; For YBP, do not make these changes; YBP orders are sent in Binary. 11. For YBP, double-click the “Dropoff” subdirectory 12. Click “Put” 13. Rename the file for non-YBP orders a format for amat: Numberdateamate.edifact, eg: Ten110705amate.edifact b format for har: DateMilitaryTime.midcoetc, eg: 200511071315.midco.edi.orders 14. Click “OK” 15. When complete, should say 1 File Transferred – Completed 16. Click on “Disconnect,” then “Close” 17. Delete files? NO (Will delete after orders are confirmed)

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